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Top Private Safari Lodges to consider for Group Vacations

Travelling in groups can be fun yet exhausting. You have to take care of accommodation, activities to indulge in, transportation and all the other maddening little details that make group vacations fun. Of course, you could enlist the help of a travel concierge company, or you could just consider…


Sky Cruise Hotel wants You to Vacation in the Clouds

Have you ever thought, ‘what would a vacation in the skies look like?’ No? Well, someone apparently because a video of a ‘flying hotel that never lands’ has now surfaced on the internet. Released by Hashem Al-Ghaili, a well-known video producer who specialises in science and tech communication, t…


You just may be able to afford a Flight to Space come 2024

The year is 2024. You’re in Australia, all packed for the last leg of your trip to your dream vacation destination. You take out your phone, order a flying taxi and check the status of your food order. At that exact moment, a drone whirs above your head and as you look up, it slowly […]


This Summer, go Glamping in France’s Loire Valley

France’s Loire Valley might be popular for its dry white and sparkling wines, but a new resort in the heart of the forest might just make it a choice vacation spot in the country for other reasons. A one-hour train ride from Paris, Loire Valley Lodges is offering visitors an elevated glamping exp…