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Wi-Fi Network Compliance Does Not Mean Corporate Data Security

“Compliance is not security, but security can be compliant – with a set of requirements and guidelines that ensure data is confidential to authorised users, has integrity, has not been changed or modified, and is available on demand,” says Anton Jacobsz, Managing Director at Networks Unlimi…


The Ferrari game-changer: Your Chance to Own a 1956 250GT

Driving a modern Ferrari is easy. It may look and sound intimidating, but it is no more difficult to drive than a Ford Focus. Providing you exercise a little bit of restraint with your right foot, the car will do everything it can to keep you out of trouble – electronic systems work full-time to …


Where the World’s Wealthiest Invest Their Billions

Being part of the global billionaire class is beyond the imagination of most people. At the threshold of $1 billion, a 5 percent return would yield an annual interest payment of $50 million — without ever touching the principal. But how billionaires, from those in the single digits to near the to…