From the Editor: The Best of ASPIRE in 2021

Happy New Year!!!! May 2022 grant us all the best of life and its blessings! You might be right to say that it’s too late in the year for new year greetings, but then again…just one more from a brand you love should not be too much, right? 2021 was definitely an interesting year! We […


12 Soon to Launch Dubai Attractions in 2021

Dubai might be a travel destination that most have experienced, but have you really seen it all? Dubai, one of the seven emirates of the UAE, is a city that keeps reinventing itself. If you are looking for something new to do for your next vacation, or you are wondering what different activity yo…


Lego Releases Botanical Collection that Doubles as Home Decor

If you are allergic to flowers,  but would love an alternative, Lego has designed the perfect solution for you. Its latest series, the Botanical Collection, is two sets of snap-together components derived from sugarcane that allows grown-ups to build flower bouquets and bonsai trees from bioplast…