This Holiday, DIY Your Living Room into A Luxury Haven

Do you have any special plans for the holiday? If you don’t, and you do not mind getting your hands dirty, how about considering a DIY makeover for your space, specifically a luxury revamp of your living room?

The living room is usually the first place visitors get to see when they come in, and sometimes, its ambience can set the tone for the rest of the house. The Christmas/New Year holiday is usually a time for families to get together, and instead of planning a party for both days, how about veering off a bit from tradition and getting the whole family to partake in your luxury living room revamp project?

a black african-american family painting a wall
Looking for a different kind of activity this holiday? Plan a DIY living room revamp with the entire family

Whether or not you choose to do it this holiday season, here are some great tips to consider for a DIY living room renovation

Go monochrome

Black and white, when mixed creatively, can endow on any piece a look of sophistication.

If you’re looking to give your living room that high-end look, simply introduce a black-and-white colour scheme and allow all the design elements, including walls, flooring, furniture and accents feature both colours in different tones and shades.

The minimal fantasy apartment in Madrid Spain can be your DIY living room inspiration
Because it’s monochrome does not mean it has to be black and white. Image courtesy of JC de Marcos via Dezeen

But also remember that monochrome is more than black and white. If these are not your kind of colours, then choose one that you absolutely love and pick shades and tones in this colour to give you the look you want

Vintage is always welcome

Does anything really go out of fashion?

Maybe, but when it comes to home decor, vintage is always welcome.

If you have inherited antiques that mean a lot to you, you can include them in your decor, no matter what they are. Silk scarves can be framed and hung on the wall; ceramic dish sets can be placed in a cupboard with a glass door and even gilded mirrors can be placed on a strategic spot on the wall.

A room full of antique furniture
Antiques can add a whimsical flair to the overall decor. Image courtesy of Max Vakhtbovych via Pexels

Even if you do not have any family heirlooms to display, there are always stores dealing in vintages that would have something lovely for your living room.

Turn on the lights … with style

It’s not just enough to slap lights at different points in the living room. If you’re looking to convert this space to a truly luxurious room, go for layered lighting including ambient, task and decor lighting.

The HF series lighting by Preben for Yamagiwa
Consider adding a statement lighting option to your DIY living room revamp mood board. Image courtesy of Dezeen

Also, per Mali Langa, ‘a statement chandelier is a fantastic lighting moment’ that must be included. The chandelier does not have to be extravagant to make a statement, but it should be interesting enough to give the living room character and maybe start a conversation.

Art, but make it big

A single, large unique piece of art in a strategic spot screams ‘luxury’ more than a dozen artworks scattered everywhere.

Reggie Khumalo standing in front of The Garden of Eden
A large artwork, like The Garden of Eden by Reggie Khumalo, would be a fantastic addition to your living room

As for the strategic spot, choose one behind your couch or on a side wall of your living room.

Complete the look with luxe textiles

What is more luxurious than soft, beautiful, plush textiles? Use luxe fabrics like velvet, boucle or mohair for your furniture upholstery, cushions, throws and even rugs to soften the overall look and infuse even more luxury into your living room.

An armchair covered in the Ink upholstery textile from the Duality collection
Include luxe textiles to complete the luxury look. Image courtesy of Amwa Designs

Now that you have all these tips, go ahead and get started on your DIY living room luxury revamp this holiday season, or anytime you are ready!

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