Rolls Royce Set to Conquer the Sky with All-Electric Aircraft

Rolls Royce is not a newcomer to the world of aviation: it has always been known for its jet engines. However, in a new turn of events, the British luxury auto manufacturer has announced the completion of the maiden voyage of its all-electric aircraft. Aptly named the ‘Spirit of Innovation,’ the …


Why Africa Has a Higher Percentage of UHNIs with Private Jets

It is no news that High Networth Individuals (HNI) and Ultra-High Networth Individuals(UHNI) fly private whether for business or leisure. In fact, in the last year, reports have revealed that more people –in Africa and elsewhere – from the HNI category and those aspiring to it have begun to favou…


Is Activewear the Newest Category in Luxury Fashion?

The just-concluded Olympics was full of significant and historical moments. For starters, it was the ‘Tokyo 2020’ Olympics that took place in 2021. Then, there were the impressive new records set across different sporting categories. But, for the first time ever, a never-seen-before trend emerged…