Digital Passports: The Future of Luxury Goods?

Earlier this month, Italian horology brand, Panerai, announced the upcoming official launch of digital passports for its timepieces on October 3, 2023. The digital passports were developed in partnership with Arianee, a leading digital product passport solution and web3 consumer engagement platfo…


The Superfake Luxury Industry is Evolving — and Booming

In 2021, Chanel announced that it would be restricting sales of its bags in South Korea in what experts said was a move to check hoarding and inflated prices on the secondary market. However, with the rise of ‘superfake’ luxury handbags in Indonesia and elsewhere, it is clear that Chanel, and all…

Dr Chichi Menakaya

ASPIRE CEO: Dr Chichi Menakaya is Delivering the Ultimate Concierge Medicine Experience

Concierge medicine has always been in existence. Think back to ancient monarchical times when the nobility had their personal doctors at their beck and call. Or, if you would rather not travel so far back in time, you likely had a ‘family doctor’ your parents would reach out to whenever anyone in…