Woman applying sun cream to legs

Do You Need an SPF 30 or 60?

You’ve heard a thousand and one reasons why you should apply sunscreen, and now you are ready to make a purchase. The only problem is: there are at least 5 different SPF brands all promising to shield your skin from the sun. Even more confusing are terms like UVA/UVB/Broad Spectrum, PA+, mineral,…


Your Next High Jewellery May Just Contain Osmium

You know gold, and you have definitely heard of platinum in relation to jewellery, but unless you had any business with the periodic table in chemistry, you have most likely never heard of osmium, and for good reason. Discovered back in 1803 by Smithson Tennant, Osmium has until recently been onl…


ASPIRE Pick of the Week: An Audemars Piguet + Marvel Collaboration for $5.2M

In March, Audemars Piguet – the brand behind the beloved Royal Oak and collaborations with LeBron James and Jay-Z – teased a collaboration with Marvel. Now, we know the first piece in what will be an ongoing partnership is a Black Panther-themed timepiece that puts a full figurine of …


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