Fancy an Apartment at Bentley Residences in Miami?

If you have perhaps thought that the Porsche Design Tower is not for you, or that the Aston Martin Residences did not tick all the boxes on ‘my perfect luxury condo’ list then maybe a peek into the Bentley Residences in Miami might be what you need to get you hooked on the concept of […]


4 Luxury Auto Brands that have produced Super Cool Yachts

If there is one thing luxury auto brands have perfected over the years, it is the art of diversification. But perhaps their most natural jump has been the foray into the world of luxury yachts. Luxury yachts are not in short supply. But when luxury automakers decided to it was time to get wet, th…


A Sotheby’s-Inspired Guide to Collecting Luxury Bags

So, you have decided you love luxury bags enough to start collecting them. Where do you start, and how do you build an incredible collection that is the envy of the luxury bag-collecting world? For help, we turned to Sotheby’s, a clear authority in this field. The auction house recently concluded…


African Luxury Safaris are evolving to fit into the Modern World

African safaris have been around for a long time, and while it has evolved from a purely trading/hunting activity to one that focuses on observing/studying animals and nature in their natural habitat, luxury safaris only really began in the 70s-80s. Its major distinguishing feature was the incorp…


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