Petrol-Powered Autos might not go Anywhere. Thanks to Porsche?

It is quite likely that if you’re looking to change your vehicle in the next ten years, you would be getting an EV, seeing as quite a number of auto brands have committed to phasing out petrol-powered autos by 2030. Not if Porsche succeeds though. Early in April, the German automaker announced a …


So Now, You Own an NFT. What’s Next?

AT last count, the NFT market recorded transactions totalling over $40 billion and is currently worth roughly this amount. But, you already know this. NFTs are undoubtedly all the rage right now, and while jumping on the trends bus is the worst investment advice you can ever follow, we can specul…


Real Estate in the Metaverse is heating up, but is it worth the Hype?

Last year, a fan of American rapper and businessman, Snoop Dog, purchased lands next to his property for a combined total of $1.23 million. The catch? The lands are in the metaverse, the virtual space where, if the trends are anything to go by, we would all soon be spending a greater part of our …


Audi Wants to Give EVs a More Aspirational, Luxury Status

Audi has launched what it calls the world’s first luxury charging hub for electric vehicles (EVs) in what it probably hopes will increase user adoption and place it as a leader in the industry. The first charging hub opened recently in the luxury marque’s home country of Germany. It’s not like a …


Will this New Tech make Electric Vehicles More Popular?

If you’re asked, off the top of your head, to list the reasons why you do not drive an electric vehicle yet, your response will probably look like this: 1) I am not confident of the range per charge in real-time aka how long do I need to go before I recharge?; 2) average charge […]