LVMH, Cartier and Prada Adopt Blockchain to Fight Counterfeits

As counterfeits continue to flood the market, LVMH, Cartier and Prada are joining forces to offer a blockchain solution for their customers seeking an extra seal of authenticity for the goods they’re buying. The alliance of the world’s largest luxury goods brands plans to make a blockchain-enable…


The Evolution of Wine Aging Underwater

For more than eight decades, thousands of bottles of 1907 Heidsieck champagne had sat undisturbed on the Baltic seabed, cloaked in darkness and protected by near-constant temperatures and pressure. In 1998, they were rescued by divers and photographs of the underwater operation began to circulate…


Gucci Releases New Sneakers. You Can Only Wear Them Virtually

Italian luxury fashion house, Gucci, is out with its latest product – an $11.99 pair of sneakers. But before you start a mad dash to your computer to see where you can buy them, the sneakers come with a caveat: they can only be worn virtually. Working with Wanna on the Gucci Virtual 25s The…