These Audio Systems Deliver Premium Sounds While Disguising As Accent Furniture

The days of ordinary-looking speakers are over, and the era of audio systems with cavernous subwoofers and multiple tiny speakers is long gone. Today, if you want an audio device that gives you almost the same sound in your home as what you’d get in a recording studio sans the heavy, bulky, space-consuming equipment, you can get one in a heartbeat.

Modern audio systems like the Harman Kardon Citation 500 are actually accent pieces
You’d be absolutely forgiven for not thinking this object is an audio device. Image courtesy of Harmon Kardon

Even better, modern-day audio appliances are not just committed to giving you studio-quality sounds in the comfort of your personal space: the once-humble speaker has evolved into a stylish device designed to blend beautifully into any space. The Louis Vuitton Horizon is a good example but does not even come close to the chic, accent-like audio systems on the market today.

While the jury is still out on which are the best speakers that meld themselves seamlessly into your decor while grabbing everyone’s attention as soon as they’re put to work, here are five we think fit this description perfectly, and should be on your list ASAP.

The Bose Smart Speaker 500
The Bose smart speaker 500 looks like an accent piece
The Smart Speaker 500 comes with a screen designed to look like the average phone. Image courtesy of Bose

This speaker may not be the hottest-looking kid on the block, but its simple clean design means it can blend easily with other furniture wherever it is placed. With just one speaker and two drivers, it is not the most powerful audio device you can get. However, what it lacks in sound it more than makes up for in voice recognition with its eight microphones that can pick up your voice above any noise. The Bose app and integrated Bluetooth connectivity also allow you to choose music from wherever including streaming platforms.

For a more powerful, sophisticated device, you may want to take a look at the

Loewe Radio.Frequency

It is interesting that the humble radio would make it to the list of accent audio systems to consider for your home, but the Loewe Radio.Frequency isn’t just any radio.

Loewe Radio.Frquenz is a sleek all-in-one hi-fi system
Radio.Frequency by Loewe marks the 100th anniversary of Radio Frequenz GmbH

This grey and brown petite device that immediately reminds you of cassette players from back in the day actually packs a punch with its 28watts sound, double speakers and double drivers. The fact that it is equipped with Bluetooth 5.0 means that you can stream your chosen audio from as far as 800ft without any issues.

If these do not impress you, its DAB+ reception, 2.6-inch display that shows the time, radio station and entered settings, in-built alarm clock, Canadian oak wood inlay and soft acoustic fabric just might do it for you. Oh, and did we also mention that its 2200mAh battery means 14 hours of uninterrupted playtime when it is not plugged in?

But, since its lack of online streaming capability might be a dealbreaker, then there’s the

Ruark Audio R810

A radiogram, which begs the question, “Does anything ever really go away?”

Ruark Audio R810 doubles as an audio device and a chic accent piece for your decor
No; that is neither a table nor a console. It is the R810 radiogram that streams music online and via Bluetooth, plays your old CDs and turntable discs and doubles (triples?) as a radio. Image courtesy of Ruark Audio

Judging by the reception the Ruark Audio R810 has received, that will be a hard no. This audio system from British-based Ruark Audio takes ‘something olde, Something new’ quite literally by bringing a beloved staple from the 20th century and reimagining it for our modern world.

This audio system doubles as a chic table
The R810’s design is so innovative, it deserves a second, closer look. Image courtesy of Ruark Audio

From streaming music online to playing your favourite tunes from your old discs while looking like a chic side table or standalone console, the R810 does it all.

But, maybe not as well as

Bang and Olufsen

If there is one brand that consistently delivers on premium, aesthetically pleasing audio and electronic devices, it would be Bang and Olufsen. They’re so good, it is near-impossible to choose.

But, choose we must, and, in keeping with the theme of this list, perhaps, one speaker that makes the cut is the Beosound A9. From design to colours to performance, connectivity and sound, The Beosound A9 ticks all the boxes.

The chic Beosound A9 will sit right at home anywhere it's placed
We’re yet to see a bad-looking subpar speaker from B&O. Image courtesy of Bang and Olufsen

For a less pricey, equally audaciously-designed speaker, you should definitely be looking at

iXoost Pirelli P-Zero Sound

If your love transcends tastefully designed accent pieces and audio systems to include autos, then this is the speaker you have been waiting for all your life.

the i-xooxt pirelli p zero is the perfect example of accent audio systems
Tell us you’re an autophilic audiophile without telling us you’re an autophilic audiophile… Image courtesy of iXOOST

Although it does not boast of all the robust features the other speakers on this list have, it is unique enough to deserve a spot here. Really, how many speakers give you the opportunity to put your love for cars on such beautiful display while simultaneously showing off your audiophilic side?

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