The Final V12 will be the Last BMW Auto with a V12 Engine

Thirty-five years after the first V12 engine went under the hood of BMW’s M70, the German automaker has announced it would be retiring the powerful motor that has given life even to non-BMW autos. This decision may have been motivated by the increased clamour for greener, more sustainable means o…


Audi Wants to Give EVs a More Aspirational, Luxury Status

Audi has launched what it calls the world’s first luxury charging hub for electric vehicles (EVs) in what it probably hopes will increase user adoption and place it as a leader in the industry. The first charging hub opened recently in the luxury marque’s home country of Germany. It’s not like a …


Got LEGOs? You Could be Sitting on a Pile of Cash

For years, analysts have listed Birkins, wines and spirits, vintage autos and timepieces amongst others as the best performing alternative assets available. However, new research has uncovered a worthy yet largely ignored player: LEGOs. According to researchers at the Higher School of Economics i…