You May Soon Have To Pay for Your Hotel Bookings with an NFT

But don’t get too excited: it is not what you think. Cancellations, especially those done last-minute, are a hotel’s worst nightmare. Empty rooms not only mean decreased revenue, but they may also impact a hotel’s ratings if it happens frequently. Apparently, nothing has worked so far, not even c…


Gucci Now Accepts Cryptocurrency at Physical Retail Stores

Gucci has recently announced that it would start accepting cryptocurrencies at select stores in the US, and while this might appear to be yet another announcement from a luxury brand, it is a rather significant event in both the luxury and crypto worlds. Luxury brands and the virtual space Luxury…


Petrol-Powered Autos Might Not Go Anywhere. Thanks to Porsche?

It is quite likely that if you’re looking to change your vehicle in the next ten years, you would be getting an EV, seeing as quite a number of auto brands have committed to phasing out petrol-powered autos by 2030. Not if Porsche succeeds though. Early in April, the German automaker announced a …