Kalmar Beyond Adventure wants You to Experience South Africa In a Porsche

You’ve done it all.

Skiing on the snowiest mountains in the Alps; summer holidays in St Barth’s; surmounting the mighty Mount Everest; sweating it out with the Big 5 on different luxury African safaris; binging on the headiest wines in France; getting fat on culinary delights in Italy; snorkelling in the Mediterranean; luxury road trips across North America: at this point, you’ve literally run out of ideas and while you’re in dire need of a vacation, no destination or activity appeals to you.

Unless you’re trying Kalmar Beyond Adventure Trans-Africa Porsche expedition.

the Kalmar Beyond Adventure Trans-Africa experience would involve animal sightings
The Kalmar Beyond Adventure Trans-Africa expedition cleverly blends car racing with the African safari experience amidst luxury lodgings for an adventure like no other. Image courtesy of Kalmar Beyond Adventure

When Jan Kalmar started Beyond Adventure back in 2007, his goal was simple: get passionate petrolheads together and embark on daring adventures fueled by camaraderie and an intense love for racing, powered by Porsche autos specially re-engineered by Kalmar for the most extreme off-road situations.

15+ years and dozens of trips after, Kalmar is ready to take on southern Africa. The Kalmar Beyond Adventure Trans-Africa is a 19-day, 5,500km ride that would see drivers race through five African countries in the south, from Namibia to Angola, Zambia and Zimbabwe before finally stopping in Botswana. The itinerary also includes shorter trips to places like Lapland and Morocco.

The Kalmar Beyond Adventure Trans-Africa map
The race cuts across five south African countries. Image courtesy of Kalmar Beyond Adventure

Like all Kalmar Beyond Adventure ‘Trans’ drives, participants can expect this to be an experience like no other. Driving through southern Africa would mean some safari, especially as the ‘rally’ is scheduled to take place in June, which is the month when the wildebeest migration takes place. (However, this only happens in Tanzania and Kenya, countries not included in the 2025 Trans-Africa adventure. The wildebeest migration also takes place in Zambia but in mid-July.)

It would also mean running into tricky situations, like encountering difficult terrains, unexpected stops and unplanned detours. Still, all these are exactly what an adventure is about, and, as stated on their website, “rest assured, the entire Beyond Adventure team will always be there from start to finish.”

Kalmar Automotive would be supplying the cars for the expedition
Kalmar-engineered Porsches would be used for the expedition, although participating drivers can bring their autos. Image courtesy of Kalmar Automotive

Kalmar says guests will rest in “superb accommodation,” including some of southern Africa’s finest lodges and villas. Drivers will also get to choose from the Kalmar range of Porsches, or bring their own which would have to be inspected first. Halfway into the journey, participants who want to can swap their vehicles for another, making for an even more interesting and unpredictable experience.

The Trans-Africa adventure starts from €66,900 (roughly $71,600) plus taxes, but here’s the kicker: participation is by invitation only. Want to know if you’d qualify for a vacation experience like no other? Visit Kalmar Beyond Adventure for more information.

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