No. 1 de Chanel epitomises Current Trends in the Beauty Industry

Is clean beauty the latest trend to watch out for this 2022? The jury is still out, but if Chanel’s latest cosmetic and skincare line, No. 1 de Chanel, is anything to go by, then the answer might well be ‘yes.’

Last year, skincare reigned supreme in continuation of a movement that had gained strength in 2020 and which was our response to the challenge of having literally nowhere to go. 2021 saw the continued rise of skincare-makeup hybrids amongst other trends, and now, this year, industry stakeholders are predicting that skincare will continue to top global beauty trends; however, it will pivot to products that are effective, ‘clean’ and keep up with global, innovative sustainable practices.

Chanel has clearly been reading and keeping their thumb on the pulse.

The red camellia, the star ingredient in the No 1 de Chanel collection
Chanel leans heavily on the red camellia for its new beauty collection. Image courtesy of Chanel

No. 1 de Chanel’s star ingredient is the camellia, a motif that is already synonymous with the brand, and, like others, has its own unique lore. For 10 years, Chanel researched the medicinal properties of this plant: apparently, the red variant contains a high concentration of protocatechuic acid, a powerful antioxidant that may slow down the onset of senescence, a biological process in which ageing cells lay dormant, causing dryness, laxity, and dullness in the skin.

Chanel seems to be almost certain of its anti-ageing properties, as all the nine products in the No 1 de Chanel line utilise almost the entirety of the camellia plant in a formulation that is 97 per cent natural. They include the Red Camellia Powder-to-Foam cleanser; the Red Camellia Revitalizing Cream – a scented whipped moisturizer that acts as a barrier protector against the elements; the Revitalizing Serum; a blendable foundation; six tinted lip and cheek balms, and, the L’Eau Rouge, a fruity mist for women that combines the red camellia with notes of red berries, rose, jasmine, musk and iris.

Some products from the No 1 de chanel collection
Chanel says that not only does the No1 de Chanel help to fight ageing, it also does it in a ‘clean way.’ Image courtesy of Tatler Asia

With regards to sustainability, the brand states that it has reduced single-use plastics, with every product in this line coming in streamlined packaging or recyclable glass, while the refillable jar of the barrier-protecting cream comes with a cap that is made of crushed camellia seed shells and sustainable forestry–certified wood shavings.

What is better than using skincare and beauty products that are guaranteed to give you the best results without harming your skin or the environment? No. 1 de Chanel definitely understands the beauty industry, and, other brands are sure to follow its lead in the coming months.

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