Luxury Home Decor Trends for 2024 — According to The Experts

Like most words and concepts, our understanding of ‘home’ has evolved: from being a place where we simply live, home for some of us today is where we spend 80% of our time, living, working, learning, playing and even hosting or socialising. So it is only sensible to ensure it is comfortable and suitable enough for all of these activities.

Unlike fashion, following trends in interior design is not very practical. However, these predicted luxury home decor trends for 2024 reflect our current reality, and, if you’re looking to declutter or switch up your space, including one or even all of these might be exactly what your home needs for the incoming year and beyond.

Understated luxury

AKA quiet luxury but not quite.

An open kitchen designed following the understated luxury style
Understated luxury is the intersection of comfort and subtle chic. Image courtesy of Max Rahubovskiy via Pexels 

This is one trend that has held everything in its grip from fashion to beauty, and while it has become quite an overused and over-flogged term at this point, it is rather handy in luxury home decor and would be spilling over to important trends for 2024.

How to incorporate

Soft, subtle and soothing are the underlying tenets of this style. Think soft colour palettes, lush and luxurious textures (cashmere, mohair), high-quality materials, and, casual yet chic designs.

Living room designed in neutral palette
Here, texture is just as important as colour. Image courtesy of Casa Abril

The last thing you want when you are spending most of your days indoors is to have room after room feel like an office or a factory. Introducing understated luxury into certain rooms like the bedroom or the living room is a great way to keep your home looking like one when it also multifunctions as a workspace, an entertainment venue, or a school.


Brutalism is back, and would most likely be in full force in the new year, according to experts.

How to incorporate

Adding stark, brutally pared-down pieces will not only help to break any softness that may begin to border on over-cosiness, but it also adds more character to your space by introducing a pleasant ‘shock factor.’

Brutalist furniture may be a big luxury home decor trend in 2024
Feeling adventurous? Create a brutalist room in your home! Image courtesy of Green Timber

You can integrate this style by using pieces, fittings and furniture made from materials like steel and concrete, or, you can even have an entire room in brutalist style, like your home office for example or even your kitchen.

Biophilic designs

AKA bringing the outdoors in, will definitely have its moment in luxury home decor in 2024 per current indications.

How to incorporate

Spending long hours indoors can be quite tedious, regardless of how beautiful your home is. A useful way to animate and invigorate your space is to bring in items that would normally be found outside the home, especially when you do not have the luxury of a yard.

Biophilic designs are the new cool for luxury home decor trends of 2024
In 2024, look for creative ways to bring the outdoors in. Image courtesy of Photo by Max Rahubovskiy via Pexels

Adding potted plants to your decor is the most obvious choice, but also, using natural materials for accent pieces like wood and clay works just as well. Floor-to-ceiling or extra-large windows bring in the light and the views in a fantastic way and are beneficial if you live close to landmarks like the sea or a monument. You can consider converting your balcony into a mini-conservatory for potted plants and herbs and add sliding doors to lead into it.

Bold colours and patterns

This is one trend that has never really gone away and is especially handy considering the others in this list.

How to incorporate

If you’re not feeling overly bold, think of accessories and accents that would fit nicely in this category — a centre rug perhaps, or a large image covering a greater part of the wall.

brutalist living room with bright yellow furniture is a possible luxury home decor trend for 2024
Strategically introduce colour for a wow effect. Image courtesy of Living Etc

If you’re more adventurous, however, consider covering an entire wall with vibrant patterns or colours, or include furniture with rich hues.

Smarter homes

This is more the future than a trend for a time and season. As technology improves, our desire to bog ourselves down with house chores and other tasks that we can easily delegate diminishes. Employing humans to handle some of these chores has been the go-to solution for years, but, considering the challenges around getting reliable and trustworthy help, smart homes are looking more and more alluring.

How to incorporate

Having lights come on automatically; window blinds roll up on their own at sunrise, a robot vacuum sweep and clean when everyone is out of the house, and your door lock or open when it senses you sounds truly fantastic (and a tad scary). However, it comes with its own drawbacks and challenges that must be understood before converting your home.

The samsung smartthings app interface
Consider gradually converting your home into a smart space to better understand how it works. Image courtesy of Samsung

Consider starting with one or two items you really need, and then scaling up from there once you get a better hang of the tech. You may also want to speak with an expert first before making a final decision.

Ultimately, setting up a home is never easy, but, judging from these predictions of luxury home decor trends for 2024, it is definitely a more exciting task than it was 50 years ago.

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