LoubiFamily, a New Christian Louboutin Collection for Every Family Member, has arrived

There is now a Christian Louboutin for every member of the family!

It may be safe to say that everyone desires a Louboutin, even if they may not necessarily love wearing stilettos – of course, the eponymous French brand also makes flats, but the heels are somewhat more popular, especially because they show off the signature red soles better. There is something edgy, dangerous even about these shoes that makes you want to try them on and dream, even if it is just for a minute.

The LoubiFamily collection by Christian Louboutin
The LoubiFamily collection by Christian Louboutin is for everyone. Image courtesy of The Glass Magazine

But not everyone has had the pleasure of experiencing a Louboutin. Yes, these iconic red-soled shoes are expensive, but, unless there is a really good and valid reason, no one is going to put a size-whatever-100-mm shoe on a child’s feet. And while there are other accessories like bags, there has not really been any product designed for a child.

Until now.

The SuperLoubi installation at Saks Avenue
The SuperLoubi sneakers are available in Loubi red and Comics print. Image courtesy of Footwear News

Earlier this month, Christian Louboutin announced the launch of the LoubiFamily collection, a new product category designed to cater for every member of the family, from adults to kids and beloved pets. From the Super Loubi sneaker, available in Loubi red or the Comics print; to the Melodie Chick, a snap button-strapped ballet pump that is a mini, flat-soled version of Hot Chick available in Psychic red, patent black and three shades of nude; the Melodie Strass with its sheer mesh upper which is a junior take on the Maison’s Follies Strass pump, and, the Maxi Me & Mini Me capsule, featuring kids’ shoes designed for adults, there truly is something in the LoubiFamily collection for everyone.

The Melodie Chick from the LoubiFamily collection by Christian Louboutin
The Melodie Chick is a mini, flat-soled version of the Hot Chick. Image courtesy of Christian Louboutin

But that is not all. Alongside the footwear, Christian Louboutin has also crafted a range of collars, leashes and harnesses for dogs with either signature Caraspikes or ‘Louboutin’ engraved Loubi red rubber detailing. There is also a dog toy in the shape of its spiked sneakers, a pet waste bag purse, and, as if the collection were not inclusive enough, a line-up of cartoon superheroes and stars of the Comics print including Superloubi, Wonderloubi, and Pilou the Lemur, which represent the designer’s imaginary childhood world of adventure and excitement.

The collection includes accessories for dogs
There are also accessories for dogs. Image courtesy of The Glass Magazine

Commenting on the new collection, Christian Louboutin said, “The idea for LoubiFamily was born during lockdown. For the first time in a long time, I got the chance to spend several months in the same place with my closest friends, my daughters and our dog. I wanted to explore the idea of adulthood for children and childhood for adults, transposing fabrics and colours and playing with details.”

LoubiFamily installation at Saks
Saks Fifth Avenue New York has a special window installation celebrating the collection. Image courtesy of Footwear News

The LoubiFamily collection had an exclusive pre-launch at Saks Fifth Avenue New York on October 25 with a special window installation that has been on display since Tuesday, October 18 and will end on Sunday, October 30. It will be available on christianlouboutin.com from Wednesday, November 2. Retail prices range from $245 to $395 for babies and $445 to $775 for kids, with some exceptional, crystal-paved sneakers topping out at $2,445. Pet collars, harnesses, and leashes, meanwhile, run from $290 to $620 and from $1,190 to $1,490 for special pieces with crystal elements. Toys are priced from $90 to $250, with pet carrier bags ranging from $1,790 to $2,390.

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