EPARA – The First Luxury Skincare Brand Aimed At Women Of Colour

We are always on the lookout for luxury products with an African story! Shopping at Harrods we stumbled on EPARA – the first luxury skincare brand aimed at women of colour, founded by Nigerian entrepreneur Ozohu Adoh.

EPARA is an organic and natural skin care brand devoted to nourishing and protecting your skin using African ingredients.

EPARA, which means “to cocoon oneself” in the Nigerian dialect of Ebira, has been born out of Ozohu’s personal journey to discover luxury skincare that caters to the unique yet underserved needs of women of colour.

The EPARA story is Ozohu’s story. She suffered from a dry, uneven skin condition and hyper pigmentation for a long time and found nothing that worked, so she decided to create her own range.

Targeting two main skin issues faced by women of colour – pigmentation and dehydration – Adoh was clear about her vision from the start. She went back to basics with organic ingredients from Africa like Moringa oil from Kenya, Marula oil from South Africa, Argan oil from Morocco and Shea Butter from Ghana. Soon she found a formula that worked wonders.

Within just a few weeks, the irritability and sensitivity had gone and her face was soft and clear. She worked with a lab in the UK to fully develop formulas that address all the skincare issues faced by women of colour, including dryness and discolouration caused by the sun, free radicals and air pollution.

What began as rudimentary but effective mixtures in Adoh’s kitchen is now the base of her newly launched 10-piece skincare range exclusively available at Harrods.

A line of high quality, hand crafted products derived from the rich soils of Africa that will wrap you in an all-natural luxury. True to the brand’s tagline – envelop your skin in luxury – EPARA repairs and pampers, leaving skin moisturised and hydrated.

You can shop EPARA Skincare range at Harrods or on their website – www.eparaskincare.com

Photo Credit: EPARA

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