Here Are All The Reasons to Consider a Luxury All-Inclusive Vacation

At the mention of (luxury) all-inclusive resorts, seasoned travellers groan and roll their eyes and stop their ears.

Or that is what the word on the streets would have us believe; although, most seasoned travellers would baulk at the mention of an all-inclusive vacation, and for good reason. Apart from the obvious which is that this kind of holiday can be terribly restrictive if you’re planning to spend more than a week(end) on your trip, it is clearly a bad idea to offer well-travelled vacationers a package that would keep them cooped up in a resort for the length of their trip with the only options of entertainment being drinking, eating, partying and beach walks to spice things up.

villa in the luxury all-inclusive hurawalhi resort maldives
From snorkelling to dining underwater, the Hurawalhi resort in the Maldives is a luxury all-inclusive option that is definitely worth a trial. Image courtesy of the Hurawalhi Resort

But, all-inclusive resorts are not altogether bad, and even if you’ve travelled to different places every year since you were born, even you can admit that there are times when you want to change environment, sit back and relax without a single care in the world. And, with luxury all-inclusive hotels offering a bit more than their counterparts, maybe it is time to look at this travel niche a bit differently.

If you’ve thought about going on this kind of vacation someday, but are a bit confused as to whether it would be worth the spend, here are some positives all-inclusive luxury resorts offer that could help you make up your mind

They take away the stress of planning activities for your vacation.
View of the tongabezi lodge by the zambezi river
Safaris, like the Tongabezi Lodge Zambia pictured here, are always a good option for luxury all-inclusive holidays. Image courtesy of andBeyond

Let’s face it: even if your primary reason for taking a vacation is to unplug from the rest of the world and just relax, it may get old quickly if all you do for the week is sleep, eat and watch movies or read a book. This would be an especially bad idea if you are not the indoorsy type.

Luxury all-inclusive resorts and packages tend to offer a range of activities on and off-site that not only help you to truly relax but allow you to explore your host community while taking you on an adventure that makes your trip truly memorable. And the best part is: you don’t have to think about it. All you need to do is decide whether or not you would participate in the scheduled activities!

They immerse you easily into the culture of the place you are visiting
The Lanai cultural and heritage center
Some all-inclusive resorts arrange tours to the surrounding community, like the Four Seasons Sensei Lanai which arranges tours for guests to tourist attractions in Lanai, Hawaii. Image courtesy of Go Hawaii

One major complaint about all-inclusive resorts is how far removed they are from their local communities. People who have stayed in them have noted how even the meals served do not reflect the cuisine of the area.

Luxury all-inclusive outfits have tried to address this by offering experiences that introduce guests to the culture of the community. Some of these include cooking and language classes, as well as other activities away from the resorts that give visitors the opportunity to experience life in the surrounding area.

They let you try out foods and other experiences you may never have discovered on your own

This is because all-inclusive luxury resorts have made efforts to introduce a wide range of meals prepared by world-renowned chefs and expand the activities that guests can get involved in onsite.

Yes, you could discover all these while wandering about on your own, but isn’t it better to have it done for you?

It is easy to meet new people at these resorts
Guests at the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort Mexico
Group activities at luxury all-inclusive resorts give you the opportunity to meet and interact with new people. Image courtesy of Fairmont Mayakoba Mexico

This is especially true if you’re partaking in group activities. But even if you were not, being cooped up in one place with a bunch of other humans means you’re more likely to bump into the same people over and over again.

If part of your resolution is to meet someone new on your travels, this is more likely to come true at an all-inclusive resort.

What to note first before choosing a luxury all-inclusive resort

It is always best to discuss what exactly you want out of your trip with your travel advisor or agent. Do you want to stay on the property for the duration of your vacation or would you prefer to go out and immerse yourself in the surrounding community? Are you looking for a private, exclusive experience or would you rather mingle with other guests? What does a luxury all-inclusive experience mean to you?

Woman on the deck of the luxury all-inclusive kokomo private island beach
Be clear on what you want out of your vacation before choosing to go with an all-inclusive package. Image courtesy of Kokomo Private Island, Fiji

Luxury all-inclusive resorts have evolved over the years to meet the demands of their clients, and even if you may have heard horror stories about them, you may want to create a space for them on your travel list. Just make sure that you have a proper discussion with your travel agent first before you make a decision so that you get the best of what this type of vacation has to offer.

Source: Travel Weekly

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