Tour Africa in 90 Days Abroad This Luxury Cruise Ship

It may be impossible for anyone today to go on an exciting adventure Around the World in 80 Days as Phileas Fogg and his companion, Jean Passepartout, but, luxury cruise line, Seabourn, is giving intrepid voyagers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to tour Africa in 90 days abroad its vessel, the Seabourn Sojourn.

The seabourn tour around africa in a luxury cruise ship
Seabourn Cruise will take guests on a tour around Africa on its luxury cruise ship. Image courtesy of Seabourn

The journey will start on November 30, 2024, when the 450-passenger vessel will depart from Barcelona. It will then cross the Mediterranean Sea, stopping in a few North African and Middle East destinations, including Egypt and Israel. From there, it will traverse the Suez Canal and head for the Indian Ocean nation of the Seychelles.

The next port of call is a portion of the East African coast that includes Kenya and Tanzania, with a stop in Madagascar, from which the ship will return to the coast and sail to South Africa. Next up is the long journey northward along West Africa’s coast, which includes a detour to the islands of Cabo Verde, before a final leg through the Strait of Gibraltar that brings guests back to Barcelona.

In all, the trip will take passengers to 44 ports in 26 countries over the course of three months.

The Roman amphitheatre in Alexandria Egypt
Seafarers on the Seabourn Sojourn will tour exciting attractions along the way. Image courtesy of Sharm Club

Sailing on a luxury cruise ship isn’t the only activity passengers will be involved in these 90 days. At each port, guests would have the opportunity to go on safaris, hikes, dives, visits to archaeological sites and multi-day excursions to inland destinations, including Zimbabwe’s Victoria Falls. There would also be snorkelling visits and cultural immersions at other stops.

According to Natalya Leahy, president of Seabourn, “This voyage is the perfect opportunity for our guests to discover Africa’s stunning natural wonders and diverse cultures while enjoying the uncompromising luxury and intuitive, genuine service that can only be experienced on Seabourn.”

The seabourn soujourn
The 650-foot Seabourn Sojourn would be the vessel for the trip around the African continent. Image courtesy of Seabourn

Rates for the Grand Africa Voyage start at $46,999 per person and includes a few enticing bonuses like business-class air, a minimum of $1,000 shipboard credit per guest, airport transfers, valet shipping of luggage to/from Barcelona, and unlimited laundry and dry cleaning on board. To make a booking, visit the Seabourn website.

Source: Travel+Leisure

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