The Future of Private Jets: The Gulfstream G800 Takes The Lead

There is a new, shiny kid on the private jet block that is hoping to change the business of flying private, and, if history is anything to go by, then the newly-introduced Gulfstream G800 will successfully do just that.

What is special about the G800?

The corporate aerospace giant, Gulfstream, has since 1958 produced more than 3,000 aircraft that have somehow managed to meet the needs of private jet travel even before the industry had anticipated it. Maintaining this position as the leader of the corporate jet niche, the American company has now introduced the G800, an extended-range jet that should eventually replace the G650ER.

The gulfstream g800 in the skies
The G800 is the new revolutionary aircraft from Gulfstream. Image courtesy of Gulfstream

The G800 is a straight-up, long-range private jet designed with the fastest and best range in the world to perform best at high speeds and cover long distances efficiently. Although it shares a common fuselage with the G650ER, the G800 includes an award-winning Honeywell Symmetry Flight Deck that has revolutionised business aviation with vast improvements in safety and efficiency.

The g800's flight deck
Screens replace buttons in the G800’s flight deck. Image courtesy of Gulfstream

It also comes with active control sidesticks – an industry first; increased nonverbal communication between pilots through tactile cues; ten touch-screen displays – the most extensive use in business aviation – that work in sync with Phase-of-Flight intelligence to reduce the number of switches in the flight deck; and, dual head-up displays aka the Combined Vision System (CVS) that unites in a single image the Enhanced Flight Vision System (EFVS) and the Synthetic Vision System (SVS). These merged displays have the double advantage of increasing pilots’ situational awareness as well as improving their access to more airports.

Seating arrangement on the plane
Buyers have the option of choosing between a 15/16 seating arrangement, or a larger 17/19 alternative (pictured here). Image courtesy of Gulfstream

Although designed for an 8,000 nautical miles endurance at Mach 0.85, the G800 still manages the 7,000 nautical miles range at Mach 0.90 and boasts of a staggering ability to conduct the same 8,000 nautical miles trip in less than half an hour thereby saving up tons of money. Freshly designed aerodynamic wings were added to the existing fuselage of the G650ER, and, with advanced avionics plus the Rolls-Royce Pearl 700 engine, a new powertrain designed to propel travellers to their destinations faster while efficiently utilising fuel in a single fuel tank was born.

What does this mean for the future of business/private jet travel?

It is said that the G800 can link you nonstop to more destinations around the world than any other business jet in less time. As the aphorism goes, time is money, and with this new aircraft, the greatest gift you gain is time.

The cabin of the new private jet
Every part of the Gulfstream G800 has been outfitted with the highest-quality materials for the best comfort during flights. Image courtesy of Gulfstream

Away from time and fuel efficiency, the interior of the G800 has an elegantly designed interior cabin outfitted with the finest materials for convenience and comfort. In-cabin air is purified every 2-3 minutes with a plasma-ionisation clean air system, allowing passengers to enjoy a pleasant atmosphere throughout their trip, whether they are working, socialising or sleeping.

At approximately $ 71.5 million, the G800 is not the most affordable private jet on the market. However, as the saying goes, nothing good comes easy. In relation to the G800, we are adding ‘and cheap’ to the end of that statement.

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