Ferrari Expands its Reach with High Fashion and Fine Dining

On the 13th of June, 2021, the luxury automaker – already famous for its Formula One racing team and its high-powered sports cars on and off the tracks – unveiled a new line, not of cars, but of high fashion. Designed by creative director and former Armani designer Rocco Iannone, the seasonless and gender-fluid collection was launched side by side the Cavallino, a fine-dining restaurant headed by Michelin-starred Italian chef Massimo Bottura and owned by Ferrari too.

Ferrari launches first fashion show
A look from Ferrari’s first fashion show. Image courtesy of WWD
A look from the Ferrari fashion show
Another look from the Ferrari fashion show. Image courtesy of WWD

Ferrari already understands that not everyone can have access to their cars, no matter how much they covet them. The luxury auto brand releases less than 10,000 marques per annum – a rather small amount when compared to other mainstream manufacturers like Toyota that produces almost 10 million in the same time.

Instead of watering down its brand image by making more cars, however, Ferrari hopes to reach a new clientele base with its new lifestyle offerings. Nicola Boari, Ferrari’s chief brand diversification officer, told Reuters the aim was to reach new clients “in terms of both age and culture” – beyond its racing fans and sports car clients who already desire its branded jackets, T-shirts and hats.

A look from the Ferrari Fashion show
Ferrari hopes to reach new clients with its latest lifestyle offerings. Image courtesy of WWD

The Cavallino is located across the street from Ferrari’s headquarters in Maranello, Italy. Designed to be a home of haute cuisine, it will also be a historical site as it was once home to a trattoria/commissary where the automaker’s legendary founder Enzo Ferrari ate and entertained.

The Ferrari Il Cavallino restaurant
Il Cavallino restaurant. Image courtesy of Reuters

Ferrari is not the first luxury automaker to steer into fashion. Direct rival, Lamborghini offers several branded collections based on partnerships, including menswear, kids wear and living, and although profits from this venture have not been made public, the brand insists its fashion drops make significant contributions to its overall revenue.

Whether or not automaker’s new clothing line and restaurant will be as successful as its cars is a matter for the future. For now, it is refreshing to know that owning a Ferrari or participating in the Ferrari experience would not be as arduous as before, even if it does not translate to driving one of its highly-coveted autos.

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