Tiffany’s New Jewellery Collection: Knots and a Special Design by Daniel Arsham

A new Tiffany jewellery collection has dropped and this time, the six-pronged ‘Tiffany Setting’ that helped catapult the brand to fame is markedly absent in all the pieces. In its place is a new design dubbed The Knot, as well as a special, limited-edition collaboration with Daniel Arsham to wrap these dainty pieces firmly around our hearts.

Bangle and necklace set from the Tiffany Knot collection
A necklace and bangle set from the Knot collection. Image courtesy of Hypebae

The Knot collection is inspired by the “delicate yet tough” nature of New York City, and features necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and rings made from yellow and rose gold with their individual pieces linked together with a ‘knot’ to symbolise the “human connection”. Some of these pieces are lined with pavé diamonds while the Tiffany Knot x Arsham Studio limited-edition collection is an 18k white gold bangle with diamonds and tsavorites, a rare green gem discovered in Kenya and introduced to the world by Tiffany in 1974.

Bangle from The Tiffany x Daniel Arsham collection
Bangle from The Tiffany x Daniel Arsham collection. Image courtesy of Tiffany&Co

The collaboration with artist Daniel Arsham is strategic. Tiffany is not only leveraging on his skill to create what they hope will be an unforgettable collection: by having him reimagine the iconic Blue Box into an object unearthed by future generations, the jewellery brand is leaving an indelible image in our minds – Tiffany is eternal and good enough to survive the future. Or, as Alexandre Arnault puts it, “It’s an interesting way to reiterate the idea that our products are eternal.”

The Tiffany box by Daniel Arsham
The Tiffany x Daniel Arsham collection is limited to only 49 pieces. Image courtesy of Tiffany&Co

The Tiffany Knot x Arsham Studio collection is limited to only 49 pieces. Each of these will come in a Daniel Arsham-designed bronze-eroded Tiffany Blue Box adorned with jagged gold crystals that give the illusion of an object that has weathered the storm of the years to arrive in a new, unknown era. “Jewellery can be a time capsule,” Arsham explains of his design – one that can tell stories that would last forever.

Is it too early to start shopping for Christmas presents?

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