De Beers has named its First Global Ambassador: Lupita Nyong’o

Ever since its inception in the late 1800s, De Beers has worked tirelessly to make diamonds the must-have gemstones for special moments, and now, in a new, history-making, strategic move, the largest producer of diamonds has named Kenyan-Mexican actress, Lupita Nyong’o, its first-ever global ambassador.

Lupita’s decision to work with De Beers was influenced by more than the beauty of diamonds or the feeling it evokes in those who love them: she explained that the brand’s Building Forever project, which has goals to engage 10,000 girls in STEM, support 10,000 women entrepreneurs, and to invest at least $10 million across southern Africa by 2030 was what attracted her to it.

Lupita Nyong'o stars as first global ambassador for De beers
De Deers has named Lupita Nyong’o its first-ever global ambassador. Image courtesy of Vogue

“Their focus on creating opportunities for women and girls in southern Africa is an effort clearly very close to my heart,” says Nyong’o, who has in the past been involved in various philanthropy work across the continent with organisations such as Mother Health International (MHI), a nonprofit organization in Uganda that provides healthcare to pregnant women in underdeveloped countries.

For De Beers, their collaboration with Nyong’o is a perfect fit. “With her rare magnetism and elegance, Lupita Nyong’o is a testament to the power of boundless possibilities,” says De Beers’ CEO Marc Jacheet, “Embodying modern and responsible luxury, Lupita is an inspiration for all of us. De Beers is proud that Lupita has joined our Building Forever commitment to people and the planet and we stand with her as she embarks on an exciting chapter in her career.”

Lupita Nyongo'o looks at a De Beers diamond
Lupita Nyong’o says she was drawn to De Beers because of their Building Forever project. Image courtesy of De Beers

As part of her partnership with De Beers, Lupita starred in the fine jewellery label’s new “Where It Begins” campaign which debuted on October 24. In it, she sports pieces from the label’s Enchanted Lotus collection, walking with the diamonds from discovery to their transformation into jewellery.

Like De Beers, Lupita Nyong’o understands how jewellery can capture our attention and wrap itself around our lives. “I typically wear a chunky ring or a yellow gold hoop earring in my daily life,” she tells Vogue. “I am a creature of habit, so once I find something that I love, I will wear it all of the time.”

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