Porsche Unseen: The Perfect Gift for an Auto Lover

Earlier this month, German automaker, Porsche, announced it would be publishing never-seen-before design studies of 15 different cars from 2005 to 2019 under the title, Porsche Unseen. These studies would offer fans and auto lovers an exclusive insight into its design process – from the very first drawing to the finished model ready for series production.

Porsche Unseen showcases design concepts of cars that were never produced
Porsche is releasing the design concept of never-seen-before cars. Image courtesy of Hypebeast

“People all over the world love the timeless and innovative design of our sports cars,” says Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board at Porsche AG. “Visionary concept studies are the foundation of this success: they provide the pool of ideas for the Porsche design of tomorrow, and combine our strong tradition with trailblazing future technologies.”

Porsche Unseen would be presented in four different formats: a series of articles that are being presented exclusively by the Porsche Newsroom; an episode that will showcase selected studies and examine their connection with current production models together with Porsche Chief Designer Michael Mauer on the 9:11Magazine web TV; a selection of studies that will be on display later for fans to admire live at the Porsche Museum which will also be integrating the models in a 2021 exhibition, and, a book entitled “Porsche Unseen” which was released on the 12th of November, 2020 by the Delius Klasing publishing house. Interested readers are given a detailed look behind the scenes of Style Porsche.

Porsche Macan Vision Safari
Some of the featured cars include the Porsche Macan Vision Safari. Image courtesy of Porsche

In the book, Porsche lays bare its creative process, highlighting the cars created within the stated period as well as new technologies and ventures into hypercars. Some of the what-if models featured include

The Porsche 906 Living Legend (2015)

The Porsche 906 Living Legend
Image courtesy of Wallpaper

The 906 Living Legend dipped into the company’s illustrious past, the 1966 Porsche 906, a road-legal racing car with a futuristic streamlined body. The 2015 concept mimics the original’s high wheel arches and low central cabin.

Porsche Vision Renndienst (2018)

Porsche Vision Renndienst
Image courtesy of Porsche

An alternative to SUVs, this all-electric futuristic “space shuttle” was designed to sit up to six persons, with the driver sitting in a central driver’s seat. The all-electric drive technology is located in the underbody so that passengers can enjoy unexpectedly generous space and travel experience combined with Porsche-like flair.

The Porsche 919 Street (2017)

Porsche 919 Street from Porsche Unseen
Image courtesy of Porsche

The Porsche 919 Street was developed as a street-legal version of the highly successful hybrid Porsche 919 for “amateur drivers.” The dimensions and wheelbase are also the same as on the race car.

Porsche Unseen is now available for purchase on Amazon for ₤68.

Source: Porsche

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