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Petrol-Powered Autos Might Not Go Anywhere. Thanks to Porsche?

It is quite likely that if you’re looking to change your vehicle in the next ten years, you would be getting an EV, seeing as quite a number of auto brands have committed to phasing out petrol-powered autos by 2030. Not if Porsche succeeds though. Early in April, the German automaker announced a …


These 3 Reasons are What Makes a Porsche a True Luxury Car

Porsche, a luxury car? It might seem like an odd choice to choose a brand that is widely considered to make some of the best sports cars in the world a maker of luxury automobiles, but it’s not as far-fetched as it seems. Porsche’s sports cars have always been more refined and practical than its …


Why Luxury Brands Are Flooding the Kenyan Market

A growth in Kenya’s niche market amid rise in incomes and increasing expat community has lured many global shops in the East African State. While the most conspicuous entrants into the East African nation are supermarkets, top consumer brands in clothes, transport, food, banks and electroni…