Four Seasons announces a New Luxury Lifestyle Project: The Four Seasons Yachts

There appears to be something in the water, as luxury hotel brands are flocking to it, with the newest entrant being Four Seasons with its yet-to-be-named yachting service.

Earlier this year, Ritz-Carlton unveiled the maiden vessel of its yacht collection, the Evrima, while promising to add two more in 2024 and 2025. Now, Four Seasons has announced that it is launching its own yachts with the first to begin sailing in 2025.

Four seasons yachts rendering
Four Seasons Yachts is the newest hospitality project from Four Seasons. Image courtesy of Four Seasons

The first vessel, which does not yet have a name, is a 679-foot creation with 14 decks and 95 spacious suites. Starting at an average of 54sqm or 581sqf, each suite will offer floor-to-ceiling windows providing unobstructed natural light and access to expansive terrace decks. Ceiling heights of more than 2.4metres will make each accommodation appear even larger. For large groups, the inclusion of modular sliding walls will help join adjoining suites together for an even bigger accommodation. Whole decks can also be converted to private residences for families or individual groups.

Or, they can choose to go for the most expansive residence. Dubbed the ‘Funnel Suite’, it will be an astonishing four levels, offering more than 892sqm (9,601sqf) of combined indoor/outdoor living space, including a private wading pool and dedicated private spa area, creating a fabulous sea view like no other.

The funnel is one of the suites on the inaugural four seasons yacht
The Funnel, the largest suite occupying a whooping four levels will have fantastic views of the sea. Image courtesy of Four Seasons

The Four Seasons group also plans for its yacht to be the antithesis of a typical cruise ship in which activities are scheduled well in advance. The experience, says Christian Clerc, president of Four Seasons hotels and resorts, is designed to be flexible and tailored to the client, with an emphasis on top service and luxury. The vessel will have 11 restaurants, a swimming pool on the long stern — which will transform into an outdoor movie theatre or space for an array of private events — and a “transverse” marina in which the sides of the centre fold out like wings over the water to become a large beach club.  Additional services include a full-service spa, salon, and wellness programming that encompasses everything from fitness to health, and nutrition.

If you’re worried that you would not enjoy the same level of intimate service as you would on a private yacht, Clerc says you shouldn’t. There would be a 1:1 ratio of crew to guests as well as a private setup. “It’s going to have the lowest density out there on a space-per-person basis,” he says. “We’ll also have an itinerary created just for each client. So if you’re there with your family, you’ll have your own driver, restaurant experiences, etc. You don’t have to include other people outside your group unless you want to.”

the yacht at night
Wondering what the interior of the Four Seasons Yachts looks like? You may have to wait a while. Image courtesy of Four Seasons

Building the first vessel is Fincantieri, one of the world’s largest shipbuilding groups. The Four Seasons Yachts is a joint venture with Nadim Ashi and Philip Levine of Marc-Henry. Additional details will be made available as it nears completion and is set to go on its maiden voyage.

Source: PR Newswire

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