Creed Wind Flowers: The Latest Luxury Scent that Should Be on Your Radar

The scent: Creed Wind Flowers

Olivier Creed, the nose behind the House of Creed’s latest fragrance for women, Wind Flowers, explained that for this particular scent, he drew inspiration from the strength of a woman ‘flying through the air’ in some form of dance movement. This image, of a female dancer switching rapidly between different movements – perhaps, sometimes slow, sometimes fast with different twists and turns all coming together to form a graceful, fluid choreography – is the perfect metaphor for the Creed Wind Flowers perfume.

This image of a female dancer inspired the new Creed Wind Flowers
For the new Creed Wind Flowers, Olivier was inspired by the image of a female dancer. Image courtesy of Creed

Female perfumes always almost evoke memories of flowers and powdery fragrances; of soft scents that are intimate yet safe and elusive; of aromas that tease and lightly draw you close as though their wearer were so delicate that a more powerful movement would crush them.

Creed Wind Flowers turns this myth on its head.

When the fragrance initially hits your nose, your first thought would probably be, ‘no, this is just another flowery, citrusy scent.’ And this reaction would not be altogether wrong, because the top notes of jasmine, orange blossom and peach are well, flowery aromas. And the heart notes of jasmine sambac, tuberose petals and rose extract only reinforce the smell of flowers.

The Creed Wind Flowers perfume notes
This more be a flowery, citrusy scent, but its base notes give it a more complicated depth. Image courtesy of Creed

But, at the base of all of these fragrant layers is where the real change starts to occur.

The sweet yet sharp scent of praline is mixed with the equally sharp citrusy but sour orange blossom, the woody and rich sandalwood as well as the powdery, buttery iris fragrances that are all then diluted with the clean, unique musk scent to create an overall aroma that starts out familiar and unsurprising, but gradually segues into an unexpectedly different experience that can either delight or shock.

The situation (that is ideal for Creed Wind Flowers)
The creed perfume
The new perfume is perfect for daytime wear. Image courtesy of Creed

As this is a generally citrusy, flowery fragrance, it is perfect for spring and summer. Yet, because this Creed scent is also a soft and long-lasting perfume that makes an impression without overpowering all who experience it, you can confidently wear it all day knowing that it will stay with you like a loyal, dependable friend.

The stores (where you can buy a bottle. Or two)

Creed Wind Flowers is available online on the house’s website.

Dancers at the Montaigne Place Creed Wild Flowers launch
At the Creed Wild Flowers launch in Lagos, Montaigne Place brought the scent alive with the graceful fluidity of professional dancers in a thrilling performance. Image courtesy of Montaigne Place

But, if you’re in Nigeria, the perfume can be gotten at any of the Montaigne Place stores, across the country. Montaigne Place in collaboration with the House of Creed launched the scent at an uber-chic yet dreamy private launch in Lagos, at the visually stunning Art Hotel that was the perfect backdrop for the event. The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly a graceful yet energetic performance by young ballet dancers, further enlivened by decor reflecting the perfume’s notes; effortlessly conveying the scent’s unique narrative to tell a beautiful story.

You can also choose to call/Whatsapp Montaigne Place Concierge on 0700 MONTAIGNE, or follow their Instagram, @montaigneplace, to make a purchase.

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