For Him: Take a Look at The Sleek Chanel Monsieur Marble Edition Timepiece

If there is any word the name Chanel evokes when you hear it, it would be ‘exquisite’, right behind ‘timelessness’ and ‘luxury’. Its latest timepiece for men, the Monsieur Marble Edition, is a testament to this ethos.

The Monsieur Marble Edition is a variation of the 2019 Monsieur Edition Noire, retaining the same steel and ceramic case and the in-house Caliber 1 movement, but sporting a dial in glossy black marble with white veining.

The Monsieur Marble Edition
The Monsieur Marble Edition is a variation of the 2019 Monsieur Edition Noire timepiece from Chanel. Image courtesy of CPP Luxury

Its most distinct feature – the dial – is made of one piece of marble carefully cut into three to form each section of the dial, allowing the grain of the marble to continue across the dial from minute track to recessed seconds. According to Chanel, each of the 55 pieces of marble used for the dials was individually selected for their “unique character and graphic”.

The dial layout preserves certain elements of its predecessor, including the symmetry of the original Monsieur; the numerals in a custom font designed specifically for the model, and the retrograde minutes, which sits on a 270-degree scale, instead of the narrow scale of under 180 degrees found on most retrograde displays.

The marble in the dial is cut from a single piece
The marble in the dial of the timepiece is cut from a single piece. Image courtesy of Watches by SJX

The case remains identical to the original Monsieur in black ceramic. It is actually a steel frame with external components made of ceramic, so the bezel is steel with a ceramic inlay on top, and the steel inner case is secured to a ceramic outer case that also incorporates the lugs.

Inside, the Monsieur Marble Edition also retains the Caliber 1, an attractive movement that is Chanel’s first in-house calibre. Designed with Chanel’s typical sharp eye for detail, the movement is laid out in a series of circles in varying sizes, with both the barrel and balance bridges echoing the circular motif.

The caliber of the Chanel Monsieur Marble Edition
The calibre was designed in-house. Image courtesy of Watches by SJX

But it’s more than just a snazzy design: the Caliber 1 features twin barrels and a free-sprung balance. More importantly, the time display mechanism is integrated into the base calibre, instead of being a module, which helps explain the thinness of the watch.

On Chanel’s website, the price is ‘available on request’, but it is confirmed that the Monsieur Marble Edition timepiece costs just under US$37,000. A steep price perhaps, but one that undoubtedly matches the beauty of this sleek, minimalist device.

Source: Watches by SJX

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