This Hotel is a Car Lover’s Paradise

Whether you self-identify as a car lover or not, if you love cars, you’ll most likely fall into any of the many categories dedicated to wheel enthusiasts. But one factor remains universal: auto addicts love to stay in their cars more than in any place else. And this is why the V8 hotel exists.

Car-filled lobby of the V8 hotel
From its lobby, guests at the V8 hotel are immediately immersed in the world of cars. Image courtesy of the V8 hotel

Located conveniently in Motorworld Stuttgart, Germany, the V8 hotel can be described as the ultimate haven for anyone who loves cars. From its lobby to the rooms to the special experiences it offers, your entire stay will be a whirlwind of twists and turns through the exhilarating auto world.

What makes this hotel even more exciting are its 26 car-themed rooms featuring furniture and beds made from actual car parts.

The Jaguar-themed room at the hotel
The British racing-themed room at the V8 hotel. Image courtesy of the V8 Hotel

Are you a BMW super fan? The V8 hotel has a room with a bed made from a BMW E36. Off-road cars more your thing? A jeep Wrangler themed room has been put together just for you. Or maybe you’re pro-Mercedes and would not mind splurging on anything related to this brand. You’re in luck, because the V12 Mercedes suite, occupying four floors and featuring “modern high-quality equipment with original scenes from the automotive history” was definitely designed with you in mind.

The room at the V12 Mercedes suite
The room at the super-luxe V12 Mercedes Suite. Image courtesy of the V8 hotel

And there’s more! Because you would be staying in Stuttgart, you also have access to tours at the Mercedes-Benz and Porsche museums. If you want to take your experience further, you can sign up for the hotel’s Drive It experience and take either a Mercedes-AMG C 63 S, Tesla Model X, or a Porsche 911 Turbo for a wild or leisurely spin – whatever suits your preferences.

The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo
The hotel’s Drive It experience will allow you to take a Porsche 911 Turbo for a spin. Image courtesy of MotorTrend

If you are more fascinated with planes, guess what? The hotel has something for you! There is a Vintage Airfield themed room, as well as a flight simulator program you can participate in. The program will allow you a one-hour cockpit flight in simINN flight simulator aboard a Boeing 737 or a Cessna 172.

The Vintage Airfield themed room at the V8 hotel.
The Vintage Airfield room. Image courtesy of the V8 hotel

Admittedly, not everyone is as car crazy as you are, and if you are going to be travelling with someone who has a different interest, checking them into the same auto-themed room may be overkill. Thankfully, the V8 Hotel also offers standard, no-car themed rooms so that you can go all out without making your partner uncomfortable.

Have any plans to book any of the themed rooms this summer? Don’t bother: all of them, except the deluxe V12 Mercedes Suite, is fully booked until October/November. Each V8 hotel car-themed room costs €184 ($216) per night, while the more luxurious V12 Mercedes Suite costs €655 ($770) per night.

Source: Carbuzz

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