ASPIRE Pick of the Week: Futuristic Smart Devices

The smart tech takeover is real. Years ago we marveled at the innovations of handheld devices that streamlined our lives on the go, and now a number of new brands are creating tech to ready our home lives for the future. Sure, having the latest smartphone will bring you into 2018 alright, but a smart toothbrush will take you light years ahead.

This being the case, we’ve rounded up all the best smart tech currently geared towards streamlining your domestic life. These high-tech devices may seem like they’re from a sci-fi movie, but smart doorbells, pet feeders, toilets, and even beds are far from the props of a Black Mirror dystopia, and all are designed to make your day-to-day home life that bit easier.

Discover all the best new tech to upgrade your house below, and start shopping to stay ahead of the Jetsons.

Smart Water Filter

Smart Flask

Tired of buying bottled water? Look no further than this BPA-free filter. Not only does this purifier pay for itself, it’ll also helps save the environment by replacing approximately 300 bottles — crazy, right?

Smart Light Switch

Smart Light

This smart light switch will let you control your lights from anywhere, thanks to its free My Leviton app. Worried you’re wasting electricity? The switch will adapt to your usual schedule to automatically turn lights on and off, and can also be synced with Amazon’s Alexa for hands-free guidance.

Smart Fork

Smart Fork

Dieting isn’t easy, but did you know you could rely on your cutlery to do the hard work for you? This smart fork connects to your smartphone to track your eating habits in real time, analyze them, and then coach you into healthier eating habits.

Smart Doorbell

Smart Doorbell

How many times have you missed an important package because you missed the mailman? Never again with this video-capable doorbell, which allows you to answer the door remotely, so no more rescheduling delivery on your freshly-copped sneakers.

Smart Toothbrush

Smart Toothbrush

Brushing your teeth may not be the most exciting activity of the day, but this new Genius 8000 toothbrush from Braun might change that. This device connects to your smartphone to enable a Position Detection feature, which uses facial recognition to show you where you’ve brushed, so you’ll never miss a molar.

Smart Pet Feeder

Smart Pet Feeder

Pet lovers, rejoice. Thanks to this high-tech pet feeder, you’ll never have to worry about feeding your little furry on time again. Not only does it monitor your pet’s feeding from your smartphone, you can also set up to 12 meals around your pet’s schedule. To top it all off, it dispenses food slowly to prevent bloating and vomit-related mess.

Nest Thermostat


For those looking to lighten those utility bills,  this smart thermostat is essential for saving energy. You can control the Nest thermostat from anywhere you are with the dedicated app, meaning there’s no excuse not to make your home completely energy efficient.

Smart Coffemaker

Smart Coffeemaker

Gone are the days of waiting for your coffee to brew before work. With this smart machine, you can wake up to freshly-brewed coffee every morning. Another product that can be connected to your smartphone, you can even sync it with your alarm for mornings when caffeine can’t come soon enough.

Smart Toilet

Smart Toilet

Ever wondered how much better your life would be with a bidet? We’ve got your backside. This luxury toilet comes with a bidet seat with temperature-controlled cleaning and air-dry functionality. That’s some futuristic shit (no pun intended).

Smart Bed

Smart Mattress

It’s time to throw away your old mattress. Not only is this smart bed crazy comfortable thanks to its firmness-adjusting settings, it will also track your sleeping habits, so you can work out how your day affects your night.

Source: Highsnobiety

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