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Amazon Luxury Stores Goes Live!

After weeks of speculation and expert advice on the advantages of going with Amazon if the rumours of a new luxury store prove to be true, the e-commerce giant has finally responded by announcing the launch of ‘Luxury Stores,’ a new arm that caters to luxury and premium goods lovers. The first sh…


Amazon Might be Launching a Luxury Fashion Site?

There are multiple reports that Amazon is launching a luxury fashion site in September. Although it is the largest seller of apparel in the world today, its success has not extended into the luxury sector of the fashion business. It seems like an obvious place for Amazon to grow. Amazon has made …

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Consumers Prefer In-Person Experiences for First Time Purchases

When buying something for the first time, customers prefer to make purchases in-person over online by 20 percentage points, despite the hype around e-commerce and online shopping, consumers still look to shop in the physical store. For products that a customer has never purchased before, 50 perce…