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Audi Wants to Give EVs a More Aspirational, Luxury Status

Audi has launched what it calls the world’s first luxury charging hub for electric vehicles (EVs) in what it probably hopes will increase user adoption and place it as a leader in the industry. The first charging hub opened recently in the luxury marque’s home country of Germany. It’s not like a …


Tesla quietly Debuts the Cyberquad… For Kids

Since 2019, Tesla has talked about launching a Cybertruck that is sure to revolutionalise the truck-niche of the auto industry. Unfortunately, no workable model has evolved beyond the concept version, and to date, there is no word on when we are to expect one. However, there seems to be a silver …


Will this New Tech make Electric Vehicles More Popular?

If you’re asked, off the top of your head, to list the reasons why you do not drive an electric vehicle yet, your response will probably look like this: 1) I am not confident of the range per charge in real-time aka how long do I need to go before I recharge?; 2) average charge […]


Rolls Royce Set to Conquer the Sky with All-Electric Aircraft

Rolls Royce is not a newcomer to the world of aviation: it has always been known for its jet engines. However, in a new turn of events, the British luxury auto manufacturer has announced the completion of the maiden voyage of its all-electric aircraft. Aptly named the ‘Spirit of Innovation,’ the …


Has Samsung Finally Provided the Ultimate Android Smartwatch?

When it comes to lifestyle tech products, Apple is the undisputable leader in this category. However, because we cannot all like Apple or be members -whether voluntary or not – of its community, the news that Samsung and Google have finally joined forces together in the newly-released Samsu…


LVMH, Cartier and Prada Adopt Blockchain to Fight Counterfeits

As counterfeits continue to flood the market, LVMH, Cartier and Prada are joining forces to offer a blockchain solution for their customers seeking an extra seal of authenticity for the goods they’re buying. The alliance of the world’s largest luxury goods brands plans to make a blockchain-enable…