Tesla quietly Debuts the Cyberquad… For Kids

Since 2019, Tesla has talked about launching a Cybertruck that is sure to revolutionalise the truck-niche of the auto industry. Unfortunately, no workable model has evolved beyond the concept version, and to date, there is no word on when we are to expect one. However, there seems to be a silver lining: you can now experience driving in the just-released Tesla Cyberquad. That is if you are a child of 8 and above.

The Tesla Cyberquad for kids
The Tesla Cyberquad for kids only has arrived. Does this mean the Cybertruck is on the way? Image courtesy of Electrek

The Tesla Cyberquad was first unveiled in 2019 alongside the Cybertruck, and it was meant to fit onto the bed of the latter as well as charge off its battery. While neither has been able to see the light of day since, a child-size model of the Cybertruck featuring the same design has now launched, giving fans hope that soon, an adult-sized version will emerge.

The mini quad has the same brushed metal finish along with sharp lines and angular design. It comes in a full steel frame, a cushioned seat, and adjustable suspensions with rear disc brakes. Maximum speed is 10mph and it is capable of going for 15 miles on a full charge. Not so great for adults but not bad for kids either. And, speaking of full charge, it will take up to five hours for that. If you think this is too slow, consider that this is the number of hours your child will be in school, so, if you charge overnight, it will be ready for them to use the following day after school.

An African-American boy driving the Tesla Cyberquad
The Cyberquad has a total speed of 10mph and a range of 15 miles. Image courtesy of LuxuryLaunches

One last warning: the Tesla Cyberquad for kids does not come fully assembled. The assembly instructions show at least 18 different parts, and the kit comes with an Allen wrench to help with the task. If your child is a hands-on person, this would be a fun task for both of you or even the whole family.

The Cyberquad is currently available on Tesla’s website for $1900. Like its other cheaper products, the mini is sure to sell out quickly so it is best to check it out now if you’re interested. Just don’t expect to receive it before the holidays following the caveat that “Orders are not guaranteed to arrive prior to the holidays.”

Source: Electrek

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