Is the Rolls Royce Droptail the Latest Bespoke Model from the British Luxury Automaker?

When the Rolls Royce Sweptail was unveiled back in 2017, it was easily the most expensive and unique auto of its time. 5 years and another bespoke model (the Boat Tail) later, the Sweptail has clearly lost its coveted title. And, with a possible new unique model, the Droptail, dropping soon, it is clear that this first one-of-one model from the Rolls Royce Coachbuild department just may have lost this position forever.

A new patent, a new bespoke Rolls Royce ‘Tail’?
A 3D rendering of the Rolls Royce Droptail
Will there be a new Rolls Royce Droptail soon? Image courtesy of CarBuzz

On July 20, Rolls-Royce filed a patent with the European Union Intellectual Property Office for the word ‘Droptail.’ While it was not clearly specified whether this would be the name for a new one-off model, judging by the iconic ‘tail’ in the name, and the corresponding image, it is safe to say that the Droptail is the next generation of custom Rolls Royce to be created by its in-house coachbuilding department.

For Rolls Royce, the ‘Tails’ are the height of bespoke luxury
The Rolls Royce Sweptail
The Sweptail was the first custom-built model from the Rolls Royce coachbuilding department. Image courtesy of Rolls Royce

If you walk up to Rolls Royce to make a custom order, you have two options. You either get the standard bespoke commissions, where the British auto marque will create a one-off version of an existing model like the Ghost or Cullinan with your choice of paint, leather, light, headliner, and coachlines. This option is popular with multimillionaires and the very wealthy.

For the ultra-rich however, there is the option to create a custom auto from the ground up based on the Rolls Royce Phantom. The autos in this category, which all carry the ‘tail’ suffix, are usually one-off creations. The 2017 Sweptail was made for just one client, while the Boat Tail, which debuted in May 2021, was limited to just three copies, with the last possibly dropping in 2023.

When will the Rolls Royce Droptail, well, drop?
The Rolls Royce Droptail
The Boat Tail took four years to build. The Droptail may take as long. Image courtesy of Rolls Royce

Judging by its predecessors’ production time, it will not be anytime soon.

Both the Sweptail and Boat Tail took about four years to build, and the Droptail might take just as long.

What is more certain is that when it is finally completed, it will be a spectacular representation of the tradition of luxury bespoke coachbuilding, just as the other ‘tails’ before it.

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