Looking to Recreate Childhood Memories? Analogue Pocket is the New Gameboy

There is something special about re-living or coming face-to-face with some of your best childhood memories. It is almost like you get a second chance to experience true joy devoid of the responsibilities and worries of adulthood. This perhaps is the kind of feeling  Analogue is looking to evoke with its Analogue Pocket, a modern-day gaming console that replicates the Nintendo Game Boy of your childhood/youth.

Analogue, whose mission is to “celebrate and explore the history of video games with the respect it deserves,” launched in 2011. Its Analogue Pocket is perhaps the greatest exemplification of this. Devoid of our modern-day digital downloads, its catalogue of systems exclusively run vintage games cartridges, making it able to play the entire library of 2,780-plus games produced for the 1989 Game Boy and its subsequent successors, the Game Boy Colour and Game Boy Advance.

Analogue Pocket in white and black
The Pocket is offered in two basic colourways of white and black. Image courtesy of Analogue

More than a Game Boy fan? You’re in luck! The Pocket doesn’t just limit you to Nintendo’s archives: you can also play larger cartridges from Sega’s Game Gear through an adopter that accommodates the bigger size.

And it gets even better. Analogue Pocket copies all the features of the original Nintendo Game Boy that launched in 1989, which means that you can play all your favourite games the way they are, but with an exception. It has 10-xed the screen of the Pocket and at 1660 x 1440, you have a far greater resolution to work with than the original 160 x 144-sized device.

Analogue Pocket supports the cartridges of other popular vintage games
Analogue has made the Pocket’s screen bigger so that you can see your games better. Image courtesy of The Verge

This is not Analogue’s first foray into the world of vintage gaming. It had started with adapting Nintendo’s NES on our current type of TVs before expanding to SNES and then Sega Genesis. So far, the Pocket is its biggest project yet.

The gaming console also offers you more than games – it contains an inbuilt copy of Nanoloop, a synthesiser and sequencer developed over 15 years ago for the original Game Boy. This flexible, low-tech software allows two Pockets to be synced together while working as an onboard digital audio workstation. In addition, an extra tool, the GB Studio, allows budding developers to create their own games through a drag-and-drop system.

Analogue Pocket with its accessories
The Pocket has been designed to include other popular vintage games while offering additional benefits. Image of Wallpaper

Time machines may not have been created yet, but with the Analogue Pocket, you can go back to that moment when your only worry may have been winning all your games before bedtime. But not yet: orders for the device have been backed up into 2023, so you may have to wait a while to be a child again.

Source: Wallpaper

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