HWP Group on the Rise: The Nigerian Owned Company Gets Recognized By Forbes

Forbes has rated two young Nigerians, Ayokunle Akinbode and Uyi Ogbebor, the owners of HWP Group as young Nigerians full of innovation and on a mission to owning one of the best media, entertainment and hospitality companies in Nigeria.

Ayokunle Akinbode and Uyi Ogbebor

In an analysis published on Forbes African website, it avowed that the HWP Group had successfully positioned itself within the shortest time possible since its emergence.

Forbes listed some of the businesses of HWP to include: Moscow Underground, a unique nightclub in Abuja; the restaurants-Chow by Moscow and Tiki Cultures.

The analysis revealed that its Hotwire Development which focuses on building of world-class luxury resorts, hotels, and luxury terrace apartments is almost kick-starting.

“Igniting Nigeria, HWP Group is on a mission to become the leading media, entertainment and hospitality company in Nigeria by 2025.

Uyi Ogbebor

“The company appears to be well on its way to achieving that goal. Founded in 2014 by partners Uyi Ogbebor and Ayokunle Akinbode, the company operates several successful subsidiaries. “Several diverse, but complementary businesses operate under the HWP umbrella. Moscow Underground, a unique nightclub in Abuja, is known for its distinctive air of luxury. The restaurants Chow by Moscow and Tiki Cultures tantalize the taste buds with a variety of distinct signature dishes.

“The company is planning a five-star resort and is currently waiting on governmental approvals to commence construction in 2019.

Ayo Akinbode

“Committed to giving back to the community, the company also operates the Hotwire Foundation. The foundation presently runs an Eye Care Reach-Out program in Ondo State, Nigeria, for indigent patients,” it said.

The company is reported to serve over 20,000 customers and employ around 200 people in the greater Abuja area.

It has partnerships with LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy), British American tobacco, and Trace Nigeria.

Source: N.A.N

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