Happy New Year From All of Us at ASPIRE!!

Happy New Year Everyone!! and 2019 is here. Can you believe it?!

2018 truly was an amazing year for us but we are definitely thrilled and oh so ready for all the amazing things that are going to be happening for us and all our amazing readers, content creators, partners and followers on the African continent and around the world.

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It was truly heartwarming looking through all the amazing stories and features that we published in 2018, especially in the Afroluxe category where we highlight luxury brands emerging from Africa or African-inspired. Week on week we were able to bring you these stories celebrating Africa and the amazing work that our people are doing as well as international luxury brands that dared to be influenced by the authentic but under-expressed African culture and narrative.

We have so much lined up in 2019 but let’s take a few minutes to reminisce on the great stories and features that were published last year.

One of such features was our first of the  ‘In Conversation’ series when I had the pleasure of interviewing Laolu Senbanjo or ‘Laolu NYC’ as he is popularly referred to during his visit to Nigeria for the African launch of the new Belvedere vodka bottle which he designed. One thing he said during our conversation has been emblazoned on my mind. In his advice to luxury brands coming out of Africa, he said “International brands are looking to Africa for inspiration and we as Africans need to make very conscious efforts to respond to that. Let’s be authentic in our expressions and give them stuff that they have never seen or experienced“. Well said Laolu, well said!

Below and in no particular order are the rest of my absolute favourite features on the site in 2018. Sit back and relax with a great bottle of wine and take a trip down memory lane with me.

  1. ASPIRE Events: Heritage Branding Conversations at Mitsubishi Motors Heritage Week
  2. ASPIRE Pick of the Week: Orion & Sirius ‘Fingerprint’ Campaign is from Africa to the World
  3. In Conversation with Laolu Senbanjo
  4. ASPIRE CEO: Ayo Olajiga, The Nuts’ Man Set for World Domination
  5. ASPIRE Pick of the Week: Ikoyi London Earns a Michelin Star
  6. Osun is A Right Blend of Luxury, Sustainability and Elegance
  7. ‘The Lesotho Legend’: The Fifth-Largest Gem Diamond in History Sells For $40 million
  8. ASPIRE Pick of the Week: Virgil Abloh, Louis Vuitton’s First African-American Menswear Designer
  9. Ziyanda, the Future of Luxury Kitchen Appliances
  10. Editor’s Review: Queen Moremi, The Musical
  11. Luxury Brands Burn Their Own Goods?
  12. Game of Thrones Inspired ‘White Walker Bar’ Comes To Prague
  13. Frequent Travel Helps Children to Become Smart Entrepreneurs
  14. Mercedes- Benz Throws South Africa €600M Investment Lifeline

Going by all the trends and predictions for the African and global luxury industry in 2019, ASPIRE is geared up to feature even more amazing content, organise more thought-provoking industry events, and bring you insights and stories from all the luxury brands that you know and those that you should.

Have a great 2019 and Thank You!


Bella Ikeme

Editor in Chief

ASPIRE Luxury Magazine 

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