Ziyanda, the Future of Luxury Kitchen Appliances

Founded by Zonke Zama Ndaba, Ziyanda Appliances aims to be the first African premium kitchen appliance brand in the world. The South African brand, which is expected to launch in 2019, creates stylish goods that compares with international brands such as SMEG and Kenwood. The brand was born out of the need to add to many brands that showcase the fact that South Africans can also create beautiful high end luxury products.

Ziyanda Stand Mixer

Initially, there was much speculation regarding the ownership of the brand after the same Ziyanda designs were posted by designer Rafael Maia on design platform Bëhance. After questions around who was the brain behind the designs were raised, Ndaba posted a statement on Facebook. “I would like to make it clear that I came up with the designs, sketched a few ideas with a mere pencil and paper and sent sketches through to Rafael who is an industry expert.” Ndaba says he gave Maia permission to post the designs under his profile to attract business for the new brand.

Ziyanda Appliances

Ndaba describes his products as the “The world’s first African distinct kitchen appliances, some of them are decorated in Ndebele print and others with bright colours and a matte finish.” He also noted that the concept of the product design was inspired by the authentic icon that was African culture.

Ziyanda Toaster

 A few of the appliances would require wifi to use; if there was no network, it would mean no tea or coffee, for instance. The supplier’s Instagram page stated that the kettle used an App (Android and & IOS) enabled with smartphone via wi-fi. The feature allows users to operate the products via their smartphone from within wi-fi range.

Ziyanda Toaster

According to Ndaba, “Releasing the concept images was me taking my fellow South Africans into my confidence in order to see what I am working on. This could hopefully be an addition to the beauty that continues to emerge from our amazing country.”

The brand, which is 100% black-owned and 30% female owned, has received thumbs up for giving hope to black owned businesses.

Source: Destiny Connect, Times Live

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