Gucci and Christie’s Give The Savoy a Royal Upgrade

The house of Gucci has an interesting history with The Savoy, Britain’s premier luxury hotel. As a young lad, Guccio Gucci worked in the iconic establishment as a luggage porter and lift boy where he gained direct access to the tastes and needs of travelling customers, escorting them from floor to floor. Seeing the luxurious luggage and elegant clothes of guests was a major impetus in his desire to start his own leather goods company, shortly after his return to Italy from London.

Now, one hundred years later, Gucci and The Savoy have come together again, this time to celebrate their shared history in the transformation of The Savoy’s Royal Suite into a reflection of the Gucci world.

The Royal Suite at The Savoy as designed by Gucci
The Royal Suite at The Savoy has been redesigned by Gucci. Image courtesy of The Savoy

This is not the first time both brands have worked together. In April this year, Gucci revealed its Aria collection in a privately screened event at The Savoy. The Collection and its presentation included numerous nods to the hotel and its role in shaping Gucci’s mythology.

In this latest iteration, the Royal Suite has been redesigned to reflect the Gucci world with furniture, furnishings and decorative items from the Gucci Décor collection. But it is not the only brand that will feature in this special partnership: art and antiquities from auctioneers, Christie’s, have been carefully chosen to complement the aesthetic, which has been conceived to harmonize with the design and heritage of The Savoy.

The Royal Suite will also include artwork from Christie's
The suite also includes artwork from Christie’s. Image courtesy of The Savoy

Adrien Meyer, Global Head of Private Sales at Christie’s, said: “This is a wonderful opportunity to partner with two iconic luxury brands and bring our Private Sales service to guests of this great London hotel. At Christie’s, the ultimate luxury is to be surrounded by art. Together with Gucci, the Royal Suite at The Savoy will become the most exclusive place to stay in London.”

All of the items in the Royal Suite added by Gucci and Christie’s will be available for purchase; making the Royal Suite an exceptionally exclusive showroom, as well as one of the most luxurious hotel suites in London, with its parade of rooms spanning the entire length of the fifth floor, giving unrivalled views over The Thames. The Royal Suite offering includes a dedicated butler, use of The Savoy’s Rolls Royce within a three-mile radius, return transfers, bespoke in-room amenities and Gucci experiences.

Items from The Savoy and Gucci partnership will be sold
The items at The Royal Suite will be up for sale. Image courtesy of The Savoy

But this is not the last we’ll be seeing of The Savoy x Gucci collaboration. Franck Arnold, Managing Director at The Savoy commented, “I’m so delighted that The Savoy is partnering with Gucci in such a creative way in the fashion house’s centenary year.  It’s wonderful to bring alive our shared history to contemporary audiences, and we’re excited to unveil a transformed Royal Suite, as well as providing guests with charming experiences and exceptional service that befit two brands with such global renown.”

Source: Luxury Travel Magazine

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