Go Into the Wild with David Whyte For a New Kind of Safari Experience

There are few things more exciting than a 2-in-1 offer, and when it sounds as good as Into the Wild with David Whyte courtesy of ROAR Africa, then you truly have more than one reason to be excited.

ROAR Africa is famous for its unique luxury safaris. In 2020, it launched the Emirates Executive Private Jet Safari that saw it become the first travel company to design the interior of any Emirates aircraft. As this special safari experience winds to a close – the last trip is scheduled for September this year – ROAR Africa has once again put together a travel package that offers deeply profound experiences for the price of one.

Giraffes at the Segera retreat
Using themed poetry, the safari is designed to connect guests to nature’s elements. Image courtesy of Wilderness Safaris via Twitter

Into the Wild with David Whyte is a safari vacation with renowned poet and author, David Whyte. For six nights, guests would be guided through a journey of self-exploration, discovery and transformation using the elements – earth, water, fire, air and ether – and themed poetry, as a roadmap.

Designed for 12 couples or 24 guests, this special experience is scheduled for the 22nd to the 28th of February, 2023, and will hold at Kenya’s Segera Retreat located in the heart of Laikipia Plateau.

“I’m sure in our evolutionary pasts, the dynamic of meditation came from watching animals quietly if you were hunting or watching a landscape quietly if you were picking berries. And in that silence, we found ourselves being touched by the suchness of everything we witnessed and saw,” says Whyte.

“What makes the natural world so healing to human beings is that it’s just itself; the cloud is the cloud, the tree is the tree. And yet us humans are really quite extraordinary in that we can refuse to just be ourselves. We can get afraid of the way we are and temporarily put a mask over our face and present to be something or someone else. But by understanding that the essence of our identity is always being at this crossroads is the foundational miracle of human incarnation – the ability to experience and hold them together at one and the same time,” he adds.

Into the Wild with David Whyte will take place at the Segera Retreat, Kenya
Into the Wild with David Whyte will take place at the Segera Retreat, Kenya. Image courtesy of Luxury Safari Lodges

Into the Wild with David Whyte is more than just poetry and a connection to the natural elements. There would be daily game drives and nature walks; a visit to Segera’s canine unit; a Swahili interactive cooking experience; drumming (the ancient form of African celebration and healing), and storytelling with the likes of author and writer, Alexandra Fuller.

To find out more about this safari package and how you can register, visit ROAR Africa today.

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