ROAR AFRICA wants you to enjoy the Greatest Safari on Earth in partnership with Emirates

In 2020, as the pandemic began to wane in certain parts of the world, ten travellers from different walks of life stepped down from the Emirates A319 jet onto the lush grounds of Victoria Falls. This marked the beginning of a 12-day safari that would see them move between Zimbabwe, Kenya, Botswana and Rwanda in utmost luxury.

The event? It is none other than the ROAR AFRICA Emirates Executive Private Jet Safari.

An utility vehicle in a safari camp
ROAR AFRICA will give 10 lucky guests the chance to go on a luxury Safari across different countries. Image courtesy of Hu Chen on Unsplash

African safaris are not new, but what makes this one special is all the extra perks that have been added to create a truly luxurious experience for guests. As explained by Deborah Calmeyer, CEO of ROAR AFRICA, “The impetus for this trip was driven by the fact that there is nothing else like it… In creating “the greatest safari on earth”, we’re giving luxury travellers an opportunity to visit Africa’s four most iconic destinations in 12 days without the headache of multiple flights and excessive travel.”

The ROAR AFRICA Emirates Executive Private Jet Safari is a special travel package originally designed to run for three years. The first took place in 2020; the second has already happened this year, and the last is scheduled for September next year. So, if you want to be a part of this environmentally and socially conscious luxury travel package, now is the best time to make a booking.

What would you be getting out of this trip?

A private and comfortable journey abroad the Emirates A319 Jet

For the first time ever, Emirates gave a travel company the choice to design its aircraft. Consequently, ROAR AFRICA has transformed the plane into a vehicle of 10 private suites, complete with a private shower spa and powder room. It also comes with an expansive lounge that functions as a communal gathering space or dining area.

Interior of the Emirates A319 private jet
Guests will travel in this private Emirates jet as designed by ROAR AFRICA. Image courtesy of CN Traveller

Even better is the fact that guests on this trip will have exclusive access to this private jet as they move between countries, eliminating the hassles of flying commercial and ensuring smooth and comfortable movement throughout.

An adventure-filled trip surrounded by luxury

Simply because you’re going on a safari does not mean you cannot do it in style and comfort.

The experience begins with a stay at the glittering Bulgari Hotel in Dubai. Guests then board the customized Emirates jet, along with Deborah and her expert team, including Dr Ian McCallum, renowned poet, conservationist and psychiatrist, and Dr Lucy King, a zoologist to Zimbabwe for their first activity – visiting Victoria Falls.

Here, you’ll lodge at the Matetsi Private Game Reserve where all meals are included, and each suite has a private plunge pool to refresh after a day of adventure. And by a day of adventure, ROAR AFRICA means game drives at both Matetsi and the nearby Moremi Game Reserve as well as a riverboat cruise along a private stretch of the river, which is home to the hippos, exotic birds and crocodiles.

A hot air balloon over a herd of giraffes
Part of the planned activities is a hot air balloon ride across the Mara. Image courtesy of CN Traveller

Next, you’ll be flying to Xigera Safari Lodge, located in a quiet corner of Botswana often referred to as Africa’s “Last Eden.” Here, you’ll create and curate your own dining experience with the help of talented chefs with an “anything, anytime” approach. Whether it’s a bush breakfast or a picnic on your private deck, the chefs are always happy to oblige.

From Xigera, you’ll travel to the Angama Mara camp which is situated high above the floor of Africa’s Great Rift Valley and overlooks Kenya’s Masaai Mara considered the loveliest game reserve on the continent. You can choose to drift across the Mara in a hot air balloon, take a walking safari with the local Maasai, or simply enjoy a picnic. You would also have the chance to witness a portion of the famed Great Migration.

The last part of the trip is a journey to Singita Kwitonda in Volcanoes National Park, Rwanda, which will allow you access to observe endangered mountain gorillas. About 600 mountain gorillas, which make up more than half of the world’s mountain gorilla population, live in the area of Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park. The trek to meet the majestic beasts is considered one of the most dramatic, thrilling and poignant wildlife experiences, and it is almost certain you would thoroughly enjoy yourself.

A contribution to a carbon-neutral world

ROAR AFRICA is aware that with jet travel, there would be carbon emissions, but it has put plans in place to offset them.

A group of zebras in the wild
The entire trip has been designed to be as carbon-neutral as possible. Image courtesy of Bibhash on Unsplash

For starters, it partnered with Proof of Impact to analyse the emissions from the entire trip. In an earlier interview, Calmeyer explained that the emissions will be offset by a higher Co2 impact, making the vacation “beyond carbon neutral.” The offset programme will also provide “forest carbon credits and fund solar projects benefitting villages in the areas travelled to; as well as funding Rhinos without borders, tree planting, solar villages and water for 3,000 people.”

To make your booking, visit The ROAR AFRICA website. Additionally, the luxury travel company is looking to extend the experience into 2023. So, if you miss out on next year’s trip, you just may be lucky to make the 2023 edition. The ROAR AFRICA Emirates Executive Private Jet Safari costs $125,000 per guest.

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