Fashionable Florals Stay Winning

Dark, fashionable florals are like red wine. There is depth, complex layers, and in the end something so sweet and romantic about the moody elements presented. In fashion, the love affair with dark, moody florals abounds.

Fashionable Florals

From floral crowns, to sweet-smelling bouquets, dark floral imagery is being translated into new fashion trends. Coming down the runway, being worn by a favorite star, women’s fashion is embracing a darker side, and pairing it with bright floral jewel tones to great affect.

Fashionable Florals

There is something truly sensual about it all. The emotionally evocative combination of deep hues against a backdrop absent of light. It’s what allows colors to become more alive, more energetic and take center stage. In the contrast and juxtaposition there is an excitement.

Fashionable Florals

These images showcase the dark floral trend beautifully. A mood board to the new fashion trend that has us embracing depth, and the beautiful play between light and dark elements.

Source: Aphrochic

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