Emirates Re-Opens In-Flight Lounge and Shower Spa

Following global safety practices in the aftermath of mandatory lockdowns and border closures to stem the rapid tide of the Coronavirus, Emirates had to discontinue some of its luxury offerings, including its A380 Onboard Lounge and Shower Spa. But as the pandemic begins to wane, and with a recent study conducted by the US Department of Defense alongside United Airlines that reveals that the risk of COVID-19 transmission is “virtually non-existent” during air travel when passengers wear masks, the Dubai-based airline has announced that its premium perks are back on board.

Emirates’ First and Business Class Customers Can Now Enjoy its onboard Lounge and Shower Spa
Emirates has announced that its premium offerings are back on board. Image courtesy of Emirates

But with the threat of the virus still in the background, the introduction of the Onboard Lounge and Shower Spa has been designed around additional health and safety measures. The A380 Onboard Lounge, which serves First and Business Class customers, will transform into a take-away bar with limited seating capacity and social distancing protocols in place. The bar continues to serve wines, spirits, soft drinks and pre-packaged lounge bites, but passengers will enjoy these dietary delights in the comfort of their seats. If they like, orders can be made from their seats. The social areas in Business Class on select Boeing 777 aircraft and in First Class have also reopened with pre-packed snacks for customers to grab and go.

Additionally, First Class customers can once again have a shower at 40,000 feet. Luxury spa products will be provided in individual amenity bags to each customer. The sets include pamper essentials from organic and sustainable Irish brand VOYA, a disposable bath towel and a menu to choose additional amenities.

Emirates’ First and Business Class Customers Can Now Enjoy its onboard Lounge and Shower Spa
Premium passengers will once again have access to its shower and would be provided with a spa set from VOYA. Image courtesy of The Daily Mail UK

From November 1, Emirates’ onboard dining experience will return to its signature service while observing strict hygiene protocols. Customers in all classes will enjoy multi-course meals and choose from a complementary selection of beverages, including wine and beer, as well as juices and soft drinks. Cocktails will also be served in premium classes. In Economy Class, customers can choose from two wines; in Business Class, customers can choose from six wines, including port and champagne, while in First Class, customers will have a selection of 11 wines including dessert wine, port and Dom Perignon champagne. The Emirates app has also been enhanced to allow customers on board to browse the menus on their personal devices both online and offline with the latest app update.

Emirates’ First and Business Class Customers Can Now Enjoy its onboard Lounge and Shower Spa
Passengers in premium classes will also enjoy cocktails. Image courtesy of Emirates

In addition to all these perks, Emirates will soon launch a welcome drink in premium classes called Vitality Boost. The airline’s chefs and nutritionists have created a refreshing blend of apple, ginger and hibiscus to give customers a health kick on their journey. The vegan, nutrient-rich drink is packed with antioxidants and is free from gluten and added sugar.

Source: Luxury Travel Advisor

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