Here’s Why Tiffany’s Time for Speed Collection is a Great Buy for Auto Lovers

Tiffany recently released the Time for Speed collection, a two-piece drop that pays tribute to the house’s heritage of expert Swiss watchmaking and handcrafting racing trophies. The collection features two clocks shaped like racing cars – specifically from the 1950s – and made with the finest materials.

The racing car clock from the time for speed collection
The Time for Speed collection involves two racing car clocks. Image courtesy of Tiffany&Co

Just like a real racing car, the body of each of the clocks in the Time for Speed collection is crafted from aluminium while stainless steel is used for the spokes and rims. Stainless steel also makes an appearance on the left side of the device in the form of an aperture that displays the hours and minutes. In the limited-edition model, this aperture is finished with hand-set pave diamonds on its bezel, while the engraved plate, which appears on the right side of both models and carries the brand’s name and logo, is also finished with the diamonds. A single expertly cut diamond is set at the centre of each wheel of the limited-edition model.

The racing car clocks are finished in TIffany’s signature blue colourway, while the bold ‘5’ on the bumper is a nod to the brand’s famous flagship store on 5th Avenue in NYC. To set the time, owners would need to rotate the three-spoke steering wheel counterclockwise. Pulling the car back on a flat surface serves to wind the movement.

The clock is on the left hand side of the device
An aperture on the left side of the clock allows you to tell the time. Image courtesy of Tiffany&Co

Now that the technicalities are out of the way, here’s why the Time for Speed collection would make a great gift for car collectors and just about anyone who is in love with cars.

It is shaped like a racing car

This is of course the first reason why it would appeal to any car collector/enthusiast in the first place. The car-shaped clock is a great way for people in this category to enjoy their passion without necessarily having a real-life one and all the maintenance costs associated with it.

It is a beautiful accent for any space
the top of the tiffany&co racing car clock from the time for speed collection
A helmet-shaped dome of glass showcases the clock’s complication. Image courtesy of TIffany&Co

From its aluminium body beautifully coated in Tiffany Blue to its stainless steel parts, the Time for Speed racing car clock would be a pretty sight wherever it is placed — whether on a glass-covered shelf alongside other diecast cars or on its own on a table, on a wooden shelf or any other appropriate surface.

It is functional

This added bonus makes it all the more collectable. Not only is it a truly chic object, but it also does something other than sitting pretty on a flat surface.

The race car clock comes with indelible tiffany signs
The Time for Speed race car clocks are a great gift for car collectors. Image courtesy of Tiffany&Co
It is a Tiffany

Which is why it does not come cheap. The non-bedazzled version costs $40,000 while the diamond-decked, limited edition costs a whopping $215,000

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