Enjoy Curated Adventures All Over the World with VistaJet in 2022

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, private jet travel is on the rise as accessibility and the reason(s) to fly private have also increased. Private jet charter and global business aviation company, VistaJet wants you to do more than fly private: in partnership with a network of world-l…


Jettly is Making it Easier for You to Fly Private

The pandemic may just have changed the face of private travel forever, and with more people choosing and willing to go with private jets over commercial airlines, it only makes sense to have more players in the field to cater to increasing demand. Enter Jettly’s new booking platform, which its CE…


No First Class Seats? No Problem: Look out for These Instead

You would have heard that the pandemic brought about changes that would have normally taken place ten years from now, and one good place to test the veracity of this would be the airline industry, where first-class seats are on the decline. Where are the first-class seats going to? Giving way to …