ASPIRE Pick of the Week: Minimalistic African Luxury by Miminat Designs

Furniture has been a part of the human experience for so long and Mimi Shodeinde, with the help of Miminat Designs, is using her creative expertise to fashion unique designs that appeals to the refined senses of her audience.

Mimi Shodeinde of Miminat Designs

Mimi is demonstrating that African design is not only exciting in a minimal context, particularly when it comes to furniture design, but can also celebrate the best of tradition and technological innovation.

Miminat Design 

Miminat Designs is a London-based Product and Interior Architecture Studio that was founded in 2014 by Mimi Shodeinde. The Company specializes in furniture and product design for commercial and residential projects both in the UK and internationally. The philosophy of Miminat is simple; the mission is to constantly innovate and explore and push the boundaries of the furniture and design world.

The Iman 

When Europeans think of African art or anything African, they think of vibrant colours and heavy patterns. However, Miminat designs seeks to strip all of that away and also show that Africans can do minimal and contemporary but still show influences from the culture also. The beautiful combination of tradition and technology creates stunning, timeless pieces. Miminat products are hand-crafted and hand-finished using the finest British Oak, Ebony, and Teak, crystal glass, chrome and brass.

Created using the latest technology in wood routing, their manufacturers come with a wealth of experience bringing these designs to life. Perpetual intercommunication goes on to ensure each piece is completed exactly to the client’s stipulations, with the utmost precision and care. The utilization of computerised numerical control (CNC) allows for designs to be cultivated meticulously with an unprecedented amount of fidelity and faultlessness.

Miminat Design

In the past few years, Miminat Designs has churned out various spectacular collections, starting with the Karamot and has just recently released a new collection named The Okuta Collection which offers a fusion of modern European and African art-meets-design. This collection includes a tea set, pitcher, decanter and wine glasses, platter and cheese board. The pieces are sourced and handmade in Portugal, with the mouth-blown glass elements created in Czech Republic.

Okuta Decanter 

Inspired by ancient Yoruba stone murals, the range uses a combination of wood, brass, glass, ceramic and gold leaf to explore the organic and natural forms of late 14th century Yoruba design.

Whether for a special occasion, everyday use or as a gift, the Okuta Collection is sure to elevate everyday experiences by bringing in a piece of luxury and African history into everyday life.


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