6 Ways To Practise Mindfulness With Technology

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information coming at you from all sides? Social media, advertising, news, marketing, it seems like the constant stream of digital media never ends. Well, get ready to go on a digital detox. If you are feeling like you want to ease that information overload but aren’t prepared to go on a full-on digital blackout, here are six tips on how we can all practice mindfulness with technology.


Who else is guilty of this? When you first open those eyes, do you find yourself immediately grasping for your phone? Checking our emails or social media first thing can start the day on a wrong tone. When you first wake up, try to spend as much time away from your phone as you can. Instead, take a few minutes to perform a short meditation or journal it out to give yourself some calm and serenity before starting your day.


Do you need to be notified every time someone likes one of your posts on Facebook, or when someone taps that heart button on Instagram? Let’s be real, we don’t need to hear that bing every single time these things happen. Turn any apps or notifications off, so they don’t disrupt your productivity or peaceful moments in life.


These days we are inundated with information. Between social media, television, face timing and texting we are connected to other people’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions 24/7 on a revolving scale. Since we do take in so much, take in information that is only going to inspire you in your life. If you see accounts on your feed that make you feel anything less than impressive and worthy, unfollow them immediately. If you are overwhelmed by all of the frenzied posts on your feed, tweak what you view, so you only see accounts that make you feel happy, not statements that make you upset or inadequate.


It is so easy to scroll endlessly at night. The combination of information overload and that pesky light beaming from your screen can potentially keep you wired and up late.  Aim to give yourself a digital curfew a couple of minutes before bed to give your eyes and your mind a rest.


I am pretty sure most of us know multi-tasking isn’t a very productive habit. Very few things encourage digital overwhelm as much as working with ten tabs at once. Toggling between so many different websites and tasks can be incredibly deflating. Closeout those additional tabs and focus on one task at a time, sis.


These days, virtually every company is trying to build their email list game. But guess what, you don’t have to be one of those names on that list. So, you have probably opted into some store lists to get a free item or to receive exclusive coupons from your favorite shops. While that’s great, make sure you are keeping track of your subscriptions and make sure to hit that unsubscribe button for all those unnecessary emails that do not add value. Another quick fix is to create a separate email account that you use exclusively for lists, coupons, and freebies. Doing so will relieve you of all the spam in your inbox, and can help you feel less overwhelmed when you check your email daily.

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