Tom Ford Research, a Luxurious Skincare Line by the Maverick

Makeup is great, but skincare is no joke! And with the variety of tools available today to give you the skin of your dreams, it’s a waste to not use them. Skincare products are now more in demand than ever before. Kylie Jenner recently launched her Skincare line and now we have another player, a rather revered player, bringing on their A-game to skincare.

Tom Ford Research Skincare. Image Courtesy: Vogue Hong Kong

Trust Tom Ford to bring you only the best whether its fashion, beauty or skincare. When your standards are high and you don’t like what’s available usually people just pick the best of whatever is offered on the table, but not Tom Ford of course. He goes all out, grabs a team of scientists and creates an avant-garde, luxurious, skincare lab to give the best he thinks our skin deserves.

Tom Ford gets scientific about skincare. Image Courtesy: Vogue Hong Kong

This is what he has to say, “My vision is to merge breakthrough skin science with true luxury, to create transformative skincare regardless of skin type or gender. This is the reason I established TOM FORD RESEARCH. Working closely with a team of scientists, we develop what is truly remarkable and that which delivers undeniable visible results.” You will find TOM FORD RESEARCH debuting with two products: Serum Concentrate, a powerful serum that improves texture, tone and glow and a Crème Concentrate, a moisturizing cream that works to erase fine lines and wrinkles while energizing skin.

The secret to these magical products is really no secret. They are telling you clearly what’s in it for you and what are you using to transform your skin for the better. White porcelain cacao, caffeine, and gyokuro are the key ingredients used in the above mentioned products. For those who are unaware, white porcelain cacao used in them is so rare that it counts for less than 0.5% of the world’s cocoa production. And gyokuro is a type of green tea with caffeine packed in it which is known to help boost skins natural energy, hydration and brightness.

Source: Luxury Launches

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