The $2.25m Speedtail is McLaren’s Fastest Ever Roadcar

McLaren’s $2.25 million Speedtail is finally here and the only word to describe the 250mph hyper-GT is “insane.” Surpassing the 243 mph record set by the McLaren F1, the Speedtail is the fastest car McLaren has ever built. That’s nearly four seconds faster than the McLaren P1. Every inch of…

Tanzanian Tea

Tanzania Seeks To Increase Tea Productivity

Tanzania aims to raise tea output by at least 47 percent in the next five years and establish an auction to rival the world’s second-largest such sale in neighboring Kenya. To achieve its goal of becoming a middle-income economy by 2025, the East African nation is modernizing and commercializing …


RapidLion Returns to the Market Theatre in Johannesburg

RapidLion – The South African International Film Festival is pleased to announce that it will host German-born film producer Jan Harlan for its fourth installment, which runs at the Market Theatre from 1 March to 10 March 2019. Harlan, mostly known as an executive producer for Stanley Kubri…


Africa Enjoys Oil Boom as Drilling Spreads across the Continent

Africa is finally seeing the benefits from the recovery in crude prices as companies ramp up drilling from Algeria to Namibia. The rigs are returning and wildcatters are getting excited again after a years-long hiatus during the oil-price slump. From majors like Total SA to independents like Tull…


ASPIRE Pick of the Week: The Growth of the Contemporary African Art Market

The market for contemporary African art, which has been cited as one of the next boom areas, is bubbling but still on hold. Reports from the 1 – 54 Contemporary African Art Fair held at Somerset House this month were generally positive as the fair gradually attracts more people from all ove…


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