Pretty African American Woman using Cellphone

6 Ways To Practise Mindfulness With Technology

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the amount of information coming at you from all sides? Social media, advertising, news, marketing, it seems like the constant stream of digital media never ends. Well, get ready to go on a digital detox. If you are feeling like you want to ease that information o…

yale University

Would You Pay $6.5 Million to Get Your Child into Yale?

When federal prosecutors in America on Tuesday charged dozens of well-heeled parents in a multimillion-dollar scam to cheat their children’s way into elite colleges, the news not only shocked the country, it offered up a sad irony: The parents were also clearly in need of better education. After …

Pouring red wine

ASPIRE Pick of the Week: How China Is Changing Up the Wine Industry

Ningxia nowadays hosts more than 40,000 hectares of vines and 199 wineries, the majority of them small boutique estates focused on high-quality vintages with an average production of less than 100,000 bottles per year each. Ningxia’s wines have already won several prestigious international compet…


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