Zacapa’s Limited Edition is Guatemala’s Rum Surprise

The name Zacapa is well-known throughout the rum world. It has many things to recommend it, including its blending pedigree, its signature palm leaf-wrapped bottle and its near-mythical aging process that happens “above the clouds.” And thanks to its distributor Diageo, you can find the Zacapa label nearly anywhere in the world.

Zacapa Limited Edition
Zacapa Limited Edition

What you can’t find easily, though, are its small-batch limited editions. Released once a year for sale within Guatamala and only a handful of select markets around the world, Zacapa’s limited edition rums are quality direct from the source.
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The limited edition Reserva Limitada builds on the reputation and flavor profile of Zacapa’s 23-Year blend. Those familiar with the 23 shouldn’t expect a mere imitation.

To begin with, the limited edition is a blend of rums aged between 6 and 24 years in American white oak barrels that formerly held sherry, Pedro Ximenez wines and American whiskeys.

The Reserva Limitada offers a rawer, wilder quality over the tame 23. Its color is closer to molasses than caramel, with hints of vanilla and spice coming through the flavor. Its oaky, peppery finish brings a warmth not found in the off-the-shelf variety as well.

Sipping the Reserva Limitada, one gets the sensation that they are tasting something truly special. And well worth the trip to Guatemala to acquire it.


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