These Chandeliers and Lamps from Luxury Brands will Light up and Beautify Your Space

Chandeliers have always been great statement pieces when it comes to home decor, and a floor or table lamp, when done right, has just the same effect. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home’s interior or you’re designing a totally new space, these lightning options from renowned luxury brands are sure to be a great fit

Baccarat x Virgil Abloh Crystal Clear Chandelier

You can be sure that when Virgil Abloh is involved, it is sure to be fashionable, chic and trendy affair.

This isn’t Abloh’s first foray into interior design. In 2019, he worked with Ikea on the limited edition Markerad collection. The same year, the artist collaborated with Swiss family-owned furniture company Vitra, presenting three limited edition pieces, including a baby blue ceramic block that made the Supreme Brick look like a defective Lego piece.

The Baccarat crystal clear chandelier designed by Virgil Abloh is the perfect luxury statement piece your deco needs
The Baccarat crystal clear chandelier designed by Virgil Abloh. Image courtesy of FTC magazine

For this Baccarat Crystal Clear collection, Virgil worked with the French luxury crystal house to create limited-edition pieces of a lighting unit, several vases and glasses, and a tumbler, all featuring co-branded engraving and numbering.

The chandelier consists of 13 crystal hurricanes that are made to order using the lost wax process. The technique requires the time-consuming creation of one-time-use plaster moulds, which are slowly filled with crystal and then destroyed to allow for the removal of the object within. After this, the crystal is cut and polished. Each hurricane is made in two parts using this technique, which means a total of 26 single-use moulds and more than 200 hours of craftsmanship.

And the hard work doesn’t stop there. In addition to the hurricanes, 300 crystal links are chained together, adorning the crystal and the metal structure that suspends the chandelier from the ceiling. A crystal platine – in a statement shade of red that is a signature of both Baccarat and Abloh – attaches the chain to each hurricane.

This chandelier is sure to cost you a pretty penny, but with details like this and the sheer beauty it will bring to your home, it is worth it.

Louis Vuitton Spiral Lamp PM by Atelier Oï

Released in 2017, Swiss design company Atelier Oï designed the spiral lamp to look like a Louis Vuitton bag. The body of the lamp is surrounded by thirty-two twisted straps of leather, each with natural leather on one side and reflective metallic leather on the other. This way, the lamp gives off a glow even when it is switched off.

The Louis Vuitton spiral lamp by Atelier Oï falls under the luxury chandeliers and lamps category perfectly
The spiral lamp consists of metallic leather that gives it a glow even when it is off. Image courtesy of Lifestyle Asia

The spiral lamp is available in two different heights and three colourways of red, beige with gold, and blue with silver.

Daum Resonance Lamp

To celebrate its 140th anniversary, crystal manufacturer Maison Daum decided to draw inspiration from the archives of its art nouveau and art deco heritage. The Mandelli Cahors lamp, created in 1919, was Daum’s first iteration of the “mushroom” lamp or lampe champignon.

The Daum Lampe Champignon resonance is a great luxury lamp for your home
The Resonance celebrates 140 years of the Lampe Champignon. Image courtesy of SCMP

In 1925, it was reimagined with acid etchings, the pattern indicative of the art deco movement’s fascination with geometric shapes. Now the lamp is reborn as Resonance, with a cleaner silhouette, a champagne-coloured metal frame and modern colourways of boreal green, ink blue, Paris grey and rosewood red. With the LED light switched on, a sublime shower of bubbles etched into the lampshade are revealed.

Hermès Halo Table Lamp
The hermes halo lamp is the luxury lamp for minimalists
The Halo lamp is perfect for minimalist interiors. Image courtesy of Hermès

Designed by the British duo Edward Barber and Jay Osgerby, the Halo is a crisp and clean accessory for the more minimalist flat. It was launched at Milan Design Week in 2019, its craftsmanship aligning with the brand’s mission to present a tribute to materials. The base and lampshade are rendered in pure white Limoges porcelain, while the power cable is given a chic finish, sheathed in pumpkin velvet cowhide.

Source: SCMP

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