The Ultimate Coffee Experience with Luxury Coffee Specialist – Bryan-David Scott

Luxury Coffee Specialist, Bryan-David Scott, is the founder of Cup of Luxury a family owned luxury lifestyle brand of coffee.

Cup of Luxury makes 100 points coffee that is handcrafted, five-star rated, drum roasted on order and then delivered fresh to your home or office.

Bryan-David Scott believes in offering his customers only the finest quality beans from countries famous for growing coffee.

His coffees are….

Cup of Luxury ensures that each coffee is handcrafted with a distinctive roast profile.

Each coffee is judged by an independent, 34-member international panel comprised of world-class chefs, sommeliers and connoisseurs. Only coffees that have been awarded five-stars by unanimous approval are allowed in the Cup of Luxury offering.

To ensure that clients receive only the freshest coffee experience available, Cup of Luxury roasts coffees only when they are ordered.

Much like the process to earn their five-star rating only coffees that are judged to be 100 points are allowed in in the offering.

Cup of Luxury uses drum roasting of coffees in small batches, which is the most excellent method of roasting. This process assures clients that their coffees will be roasted perfectly. No undercooked coffee beans. No imbalance in the roasting. Only beautifully caramelised, perfect coffee beans.

Cup of Luxury is a small, family owned and operated business. They celebrate life, family, friends and success.

One of the most exotic and rare coffees he offers is the Certified Wild Civet (Kopi Luwak). Kopi Luwak the rarest most coveted luxury coffee in the world. It is a beautiful coffee harvested deep in the jungle of the Gayo origin of Sumatra. When you enjoy Cup of Luxury’s Kopi, you understand upon first sip that it’s distinctive.

Connoisseurs choose the Cup of Luxury Kopi Luwak because they know it is exceptionally rare, available only in limited quantities, hand-picked.

Kopi Luwak is produced from the coffee beans that have been consumed and digested by a Luwak (mongoose) before being processed.

Cup of Luxury honours the beautiful people of Sumatra and shares in the rich tradition of preparing a coffee that is legendary. Kopi Luwak presents an aroma that is highly pleasing. The Cup of Luxury Kopi Luwak is rich, full bodied, and robust with fantastic complex overtones, which linger on the palate with a long, smooth, clean finish. An extraordinary experience for the true coffee connoisseur, says Bryan-David Scott.

Source & Images: Cup Of Luxury 

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