The Bugatti Gillette Heated Razor: Finally, a Bugatti You Can Take Anywhere

Bugatti is no stranger to collaborations that give birth to lifestyle products: only recently, it joined forces with IXO to create a carbon-fibre pool table with a servo-driven levelling system. But its recent collaboration is rather unexpected – one with a razor and personal care brand, Gillette, which has birthed the GilletteLabs | Bugatti Special Edition Heated Razor.

The limited-edition Bugatti Gillette Heated Razor
The limited-edition Bugatti Gillette Heated Razor. Image courtesy of Auto Revolution

The award-winning Gillette Heated Razor was recognized in 2019 as one of the smartest grooming products – and the first of the kind – to deliver a warm towel experience right at home. Now, it is getting the Bugatti treatment, although, from details of the press release, this is restricted to aesthetics.

The Bugatti Gillette Heated Razor features an aluminium-zinc handle that recalls the anodized aluminium and titanium from the interior of the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport. The finish is Agile Bleu, the reinterpreted blue used for the first time in the same Chiron. For diehard Bugatti lovers, the limited-edition razor blade also comes with the Bugatti Macaron, the Bugatti emblem.

The Bugatti Gillette placed in front of its packaging
The Bugatti Gillette razor combines elements from both brands. Image courtesy of Luxury Launches

The basic Gillette Heated Razor has five blades and Flexdisc technology, which allows the razor to follow the contours of your face as it removes facial hair and warms the skin. The latter is possible thanks to a warming bar that offers two temperature options of 43°C and 50°C for an at-home experience comparable to getting a warm towel shave at the barber’s.

Pricing for the Bugatti Gillette has not been disclosed, but the standard Gillette starter kit is $200 and it is almost certain that this special-edition kit will be more expensive.

The heated razor placed side by side the flexidisc heater
The razor uses Flexidisc technology to warm your skin as you shave. Image courtesy of Auto Revolution

If you’re wondering why a Bugatti heated razor that may not perform any exceptional feats like its marques will cost more than the non-customised version, Gary Coombe, CEO, P&G Grooming, gives the perfect answer: “Just as each Bugatti embodies the incomparable driving experience, this ultra-precise razor was developed not just to shave, but to create the utmost luxury at-home shaving experience.”

The limited-edition Bugatti Gillette Heated Razor will be available in select markets later this month.

Source: Auto Revolution

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